Plus Size Birth educates women on how to have a healthy plus size pregnancy and empowered birth.  We provide an uplifting community that encourages women to believe in the strength and beauty of their bodies. Through sharing personal stories and practical strategies plus size women are supported before, during, and after pregnancy.

This website goes beyond the routine “don’t gain more than 15 – 20 pounds” statement most plus size pregnant women hear during their first prenatal visit. Plus size ladies will identify with pictures of beautiful baby bumps and new moms moments after giving birth. Moms-to-be can connect with a doula who will fully advocate for her without judgment via Plus Size Doula Connections. There’s also a community of over 150,000 women supporting one another on the Plus Size Mommy Memoirs Facebook page. Every woman should feel uplifted and have access to reassuring information throughout her pregnancy.



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