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One of the most commonly asked questions on the Plus Size Mommy Memoirs Facebook page is about finding a babywearing wrap that will actually fit.  After surveying curvy mamas and doing some online research I’ve come up with the list below.

Baby K’tan

Price Point

Plus Size Information
The Baby K’tan is sized to fit the wearer and we have sizes ranging all the way up to XL (Women’s size 18-22).

Return Policy
Customers that purchase their Baby K’tan carrier through any retail or E-commerce store outside of the Baby K’tan website should direct their refund or exchange questions to the respective entity where the carrier was purchased

If you wish to exchange your Baby K’tan Baby Carrier for a different size, simply send the carrier back to us within 30 days of your purchase (must be in good condition, complete with original components and in its original packaging). All other items purchased through our e-commerce store which you wish to exchange must be sent back to us within 14 days (must be in good condition, complete with original components and in its original packaging).

PSMM Review

  • K’tan wrap – the extra large is really big…

Beco Butterfly 2

Price Point

Plus Size Information
Waist belt 28″(size 0) can be adjusted up to 57″

Return Policy
You can exchange all products within 30 days of purchase. Shipping fees both ways are covered by a customer.

PSMM Reviews

  • Hated the Moby. It was so unflattering and only works while they are small. I love my Beco Butterfly and my Girasol woven wrap.
  • I loved my Sleepy Wrap (just like Moby Wrap, just a hair more fabric). I also have a Beco Butterfly II and love that. We use that quite frequently, I don’t find it difficult to adjust at all. I have a Mai Tei as well, I can never get the straps tight enough tying it on my own. As for Infantino Carriers, along with Evenflo and one other, be careful-look up “Crotch danglers” …it is all about the positioning of the baby. I am 5’5 and was over 300.
  • I tried a woven wrap at my mommy a group last week and it was great! My Mei Tai is good but as my son gets bigger he’s likes more structured carriers like Boba and Beco.

Boba/Sleepy Wrap

Price Point

Plus Size Information
The Boba carrier comes only in one size. It is designed to fit most parents between 5 and 6’3 feet tall.

Return Policy
Our return policy is simple and straightforward:  60 days – no questions askedWe’ll even pay for all shipping on domestic returns and exchanges.

PSMM Reviews

  • I’d say the Sleepy Wrap.
  • Sleepy Wrap gets my vote for newborns. Ergo when older.


Price Point


Plus Size Information
Easily extend an ERGObaby® Carrier’s circumference by a full 8”—from 43”to 51” on the standard model and from 48” to 56” on the ERGObaby® Sport Carrier.

Return Policy
Customer satisfaction is our priority at ergobaby®. We feel confident that we offer products and accessories that are of the highest quality and comfort, and we hope you feel the same way. We also realize there is a learning curve to using any new product, and if you are experiencing difficulty or dissatisfaction please contact us prior to returning your Carrier; we can often offer a solution that will help. However, if you are still not completely satisfied with any of our other products, please return them within 30 days in like-new condition (we retain the right to determine like-new condition) for a full refund less shipping and handling.

Follow Your Heart Banner

PSMM Reviews

  • I loved my Moby when DD was smaller. I hated how much it took to put on though. Got an Ergo for Christmas, and I LOVE it!!!
  • I made a Moby and loved it when my son was smaller but as he is 23lbs now I found him sinking a lot. I got an Ergo and it gives me much better support for me and him.
  • Ergo! Great for parents and baby’s hips and spine.
  • Not a wrap, but I LOVE my Ergo. Used the Moby the first few weeks and then went with the Ergo after that.

Mei Tai

Price Point

Plus Size Information
The optional snap tab extender is available for those who would like incremental adjustability. Add the snap tab extender, and you’re able to *partially* cinch the carrier in about 1″ increments between all-open and all-cinched. If this makes no sense whatsoever, feel free to email and I can try to explain it better!

Return Policy
All Mei Tai BabyTM products can be returned for a full refund (less shipping costs) or exchanged within 14 days of receipt. Returned/exchanged items must be in like-new, resellable condition. Items deemed to be in unacceptable condition when received by Mei Tai Baby will be sent back to the customer and no refund or exchange issued. The customer is responsible for all postage costs associated with the return/exchange, except in the case of irregular or defective merchandise. All refunds are issued in the form of funds returned to the Paypal account used in the original purchase. Refunds are usually issued within 24 hours of order return/cancellation, but refunds can take up to 30 days. All sales final on custom work (defined as custom alterations or customer-supplied fabrics).

PMM Reviews

  • I used a bunch of different wraps, a Moby, a sling, an Ergo, and a Mai Tai. By far the Mai Tai was my favorite carrier. It’s very versatile. My husband and I can both wear it and there are no buckles or anything to worry about.
  • My 4 mo lived in the Baby Bjorn the first couple months. Now that she’s a little bigger we love our Mei Tai Baby, which is TONS more comfortable than the Bjorn, and supports her sitting position better. I also have a Beco Butterfly II that I love for back carries, but too hard to adjust during front carries, as all the straps and buckles are in the back during front carry. All fit great, I’m a 2X/22W 5’7″

Moby Wrap
Price Point

$45+ (add $5 for plus size)

Plus Size Information
I am a plus-size mom. Will the Moby Wrap fit me?  Yes it will. The Moby Wrap is 5.5 meters long and will fit larger moms and dads as well. When wrapping, you would simply tie a knot at your back. For our customers who prefer extra length, an extra long Moby Wrap (6 meters) can be purchased by calling us toll-free at 888-629-9727. Extra long Moby Wraps are stocked in several colors and are available for immediate shipment.

Return Policy
We are happy to accept returned Moby Wraps and Moby products purchased directly from within 30 days of purchase. If you are returning a Moby Wrap, please enclose your complete Moby Wrap, fabric pouch, instructional booklet and your original sales receipt with a note stating that you are returning for a refund. If you are returning a Moby product, please include the product, original packaging and sales receipt. Your original form of payment will be promptly credited once your return has been received.

PSMM Reviews

  • I don’t know of another wrap but I love my Moby. I’m 5’2 and weigh 330 lbs the Moby worked great for my baby and me.
  • I use my Moby every day. Love it. I have a Baby Ktan. The baby hangs too low in it for me but my sister, who is plus sized also, likes it a lot.
  • Love my Moby, Mei Tie and Maya Wrap. K’tan is supposed to be great too, like the Moby but sized so you don’t have to fiddle with wrapping and tying.


Price Point

Plus Size Information
Their sizing chart online shows 16+.

Return Policy
2 year guarantee.  30 exchange/return policy.

PSMM Reviews

  • I have a Storchenwiege in the longest size and it fits me (size 20) and DH (size 3XLT) with room to spare.
  • A woven wrap (like the Storchweige or Girasol mentioned above) is your best bet and the best use of your money. A woven can be used from newborn to toddler to preschooler(!!!), is the ONLY carrier that provides the correct posture support for all ages. I’m a PSM and I’m also a trained babywearing educator…

Do it Yourself

If your head is spinning from all of the options above or you just want to save money you can try out the DIY approach…

PSMM Review

  • I LOVE my home made Moby! You can just purchase cloth in a length suitable to you/your body. I used 7 yards…I’m around 200 pounds, 5foot 4 inches and it is perfect… but I can never gain weight lol… If I gain weight I am going to have to go purchase another length that is *8* yards lol Easy to tie, holds baby well from birth to??? (my 28 month old still rides in it).. Holds his head as an infant or now when sleeping.. it’s amazing.. can’t live without it.


We’ve updated our plus size babywearing list!  Click on the image below to be redirected to the new list.




I want to thank the lovely Nadine of Plus Maternity Australia for sharing her wonderful babywearing photos with us (Oliver Ford Photography and ShowPony Studios)!  The photos are from a shoot she did for Babes in Arms wearing an Ergo carrier.  Nadine’s website features beautiful plus size ladies modeling all of her clothes.  I wish I would’ve known about her stunning breastfeeding t-shirt when I was pregnant!




  1. Jasmine

    April 5, 2012

    Hi, I stumbled upon your site in a babywearing group I’m in. This is a good post, but I was wondering if you can post pictures of plus sized Mama’s in the wraps or carriers you suggested? It might be helpful to other Mama’s if they can really see what it looks like. Just a suggestion :)

    • plussizebirth

      April 5, 2012

      Great suggestion Jasmine! I plan to do an updated post on plus size babywearing once I receive feedback from this post. I reach out to the PSMM community for baby wearing photos :)

  2. renee

    April 5, 2012

    Woven wraps come in many different sizes. There is a forum for babywearing mama’s with a wealth of information and carriers for sale.

    • plussizebirth

      April 5, 2012

      Thanks for the link Renee!!!

  3. /.;

    April 5, 2012

    A Boba is also a great option for a plus sized mom :) I’m a size 20 and it fits me great… very comfy!

  4. plussizebirth

    April 5, 2012

    Thanks I’ll add Boba to my next post!

  5. CoffeeMama

    April 5, 2012

    Hi! I am a plus size mama (20/22) and was disappointed that you did not include a good ring sling in your post here. They are perfect for mamas of ANY size, including us fluffier ones, and are great for newborns up to toddlers. There is a wide variety of ring slings available, the most sought-after are ones coming from Jan at Sleeping Baby Productions.

    And I definitely agree that pictures of the carriers listed above would really help mamas with their decisions. :)

  6. plussizebirth

    April 5, 2012

    Thanks for the feedback CoffeeMama! I’ll make sure ring slings are added to the next post.

  7. Kristen

    April 6, 2012

    Love the article! If it were around several months ago it would have saved me a lot of time and research (but then again I do love to research things). I love my Didymos woven in a size 6 and my ring sling is my all time favorite! Thanks for writing this article!

  8. Kari

    September 11, 2012

    The problem I found with a woven was that the sheer amount of fabric is completely overwhelming. I also have limited flexibility in my shoulders and can’t reach behind my back to position my son correctly for back carries. I have a K’Tan and still use it for hip carries and even the occasional front carry still. My son is 23 lbs and 14 months old. It does get stretched out after a few hours but I just wash it and pop it in the dryer when that happens. Realistically, he doesn’t like to be worn for very long, anyway, he’d rather be down to run around so it works out great.

  9. Kim

    September 16, 2012

    I’ll second SBP’s ring slings. I’m a size 22 and a Large is plenty big for me. I actually don’t like my Ergo all that much. The waist extender is great but there’s not enough padding on the shoulder straps so they cut into my underarms. I just ordered a Kinderpack with plus straps which are supposed to have an extra 4″ of padding. I also have a Babyhawk with XL straps which is great. I also see Kangas (Bloo Kangaroo) suggested for plus size moms.

  10. Melane

    January 2, 2013

    The Onya Baby offers a great extendable soft structured carrier and is even more supportive then the Ergo. It fits my very curvy frame very well.

  11. Amanda

    January 3, 2013

    I’m a big fan of my baby hawk with the extra long straps. I’m a 24/26 and it fits great. And a large or extra large ring sling (90″ – 95″) is a wonderful thing.
    I do love a good woven wrap, such as a didymos or girasol, and a longer stretchy wrap like a cuddlewrap for the newborn days.

  12. Jill Basel

    January 8, 2013

    Hi! I am a plus-sized mama and I LOVE babywearing! I would be glad to help you update, etc. and wanted to mention the Kinderpack to you. This is truly the best plus-sized carrier out there IMO. Mel offers plus straps and waist extenders. I could never get a good fit with an SSC, I always got that dreaded underarm rub. I was in babywearing heaven when I got my first kp!!

  13. april

    January 26, 2013

    I think this is a great start to finding wraps and carriers that fit us big moms. Between here and the gallery or baby wearing I think I’ve made a decision on a gypsymama wrap in size D.
    I think a section on how to wrap for plus sized moms would be awesome too, because I don’t know about you, but watching a bunch of skinny chicks wrapping doesn’t really help me as much as watching big moms would, I gave up with my son because it never looked or felt right, I think it would have been different if I was learning from someone my size. I’m trying again with #2!

  14. Candice

    February 21, 2013

    I just got an ergo sport a couple of days ago and I gotta say its ok. Im 5ft, 230lbs and it barely fits my waist. I have a hard time buckling the buckle that goes across your back, but maybe my arms are just too short, so I always need some one to buckle it for me. And getting my son into the back position is a task and again I need a lil help but the buckle is in front so dont have to worry about that. Once I have it on its very comfortable and does not hurt my back or shoulders. I like it overall but its kinda irritating that I can never wear when its just me and baby since I need help taking it on and off. I have a sling that I love but my son got to big for it. has anyone used a boba 3G, im just wondering if these are easier to put on than the ergo.

    • Melane Nelson

      February 22, 2013

      Check out our Tula carriers. I’m a size 24 and they fit really well and are very comfortable.

  15. Shannon

    September 17, 2013

    Hi – I’m a plus sized mama and just got a Boba 3G SSC. I’m so impressed with all of its features and I’m amazed at its versatility. I’m a size 24 and there is still extra room in the waist. Definitely worth the money!!

  16. Kel

    May 29, 2014

    Hello, I’m 5’7″ and a size 24 317lbs, Would the baby ka’ta work for me? I emailed them and they said they didnt think so but if it fits really big? Also hints/tips/suggestions on how each should fit and how to tell if they are too big would be so appreciated!

    • plussizebirth

      May 29, 2014

      Kel I think your best bet would be an Ergo and they offer a waist extension option as well. That way you don’t have to go through the trouble of ordering a different carrier, like the Ka’tan, and then having to return it. There are a ton of YouTube videos that are helpful to watch about babywearing as well as babywearing groups on Facebook you can join. Best wishes!

  17. Katie

    October 21, 2014


    Can you add a website or two that offers the waist extension for the Ergo? Im having a really hard time finding one.

    Thank you!

    • plussizebirth

      October 21, 2014

      Hi Katie! Last I heard they discontinued it and that’s why I took the link down. Maybe check Amazon or Ebay. There are some great Plus Size Babywearing groups on Facebook (use the search bar) and they might be able to help you find one as well.

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