1. plussizebirth

    I’m Beauty, Not a Beast

    Growing up in the 1980′s I was slightly obsessed with the show Beauty and the Beast. The beast, played by Ron Perlman, loved Halloween. It was the only day of the year he could go out in public without people mocking him or becoming terrified. On Halloween he could be...
  2. plussizebirth

    I’m Fluffy and So What!

    Liz and I were born and raised in Southern California and fate brought us together in 1994 at Sonora High School. We quickly bonded while doing plays together in drama class. Over the past 20 years we’ve fallen in and out of touch. Recently though our passion for birth has pulled us close...
  3. plussizebirth

    My Body is Not Broken

    When a casting company asked my Twitter followers to share a new project they were booking, over 100 women responded by saying, “My Body is NOT Broken!” Plus size pregnant women being exploited for entertainment value ends now. Our pregnancies aren’t unusual. Our bodies were designed for this! We unite and...
  4. plussizebirth

    Suit Up for Shameless Summer Fun

    It’s that time of year again, when people of all shapes and sizes are terrified to put on a bathing suit. We fear not only what society might think of us but what we’ll think of our own reflection. The time has come to STOP the insanity! No, really, knock...
  5. plussizebirth

    My Body is Not an Apology

    For far too long I have apologized for my body. I’ve scrunched myself as tight as possible on airplane seats while my smaller seatmate sprawled out comfortably. I have squeezed myself into chairs so tight I was left with painful marks on my legs for long periods of time. I’ve...
  6. plussizebirth

    Capture Motherhood

      As mothers we tend to be the ones behind the camera capturing childhood. Yet think for a moment about your favorite childhood photo. Is it a photo of yourself? Or is it a photo of your mom holding you on your first birthday or your father teaching you how...
  7. plussizebirth

    Love Your Big Butt

    Last week a story went viral about Meghan Tonjes, an incredibly talented singer and clever Vlogger (video blogger), having a photo of her butt (wearing undies) taken down from Instagram. There was absolutely nothing indecent about her photo. The only difference between her photo, and most butt photos on Instagram,...
  8. plussizebirth

    Fat Woman Running: A Journey to Body Love

    I’m a fat woman. Running is not something that comes naturally to most people, let alone to me. When I started this journey, 6 weeks ago, I couldn’t remember running since my Freshman year of high school during P.E. class. Yet, twice a week I find myself putting one foot...