Living a body positive life can be challenging. There’s so much pressure from society telling us that we’re not good enough. Today I grant you permission to start blocking out those messages and start loving yourself and your body. Here are 7 tips to help you down a path to a body positive life.
Eat intuitively. Diets don’t work and yet each year around this time many people search for answers to all the wrong questions. What you should be asking yourself is; what is my relationship with food? Am I eating because I’m happy, sad, angry, bored or because I’m actually hungry? Stop and take a moment to think about what your body desires. Food can be truly savoring and nourishing when it doesn’t come with a side order of guilt!

Exercise because you love your body, not because you hate it. This small but radical change in the way you think about exercise can transform the way you feel about it. Exercise can be fun when you take away the pressure of weight loss and refocus on the enjoyment of body movement.


Work with a care provider who treats you with compassion & dignity. Please repeat after me, “I am worthy of good medical care!” Stop avoiding going to the doctor for fear you’ll be shamed. Start working with a care provider who doesn’t prescribe self-loathing. Your care provider works for you, so they shouldn’t work against you!

End the negative self-talk. Replace the, “I hate _____” statements with “I love _____.” Do this not only for yourself but for your children who are listening closely to everything you say. You can either hate your big hips or love how they allow you to carry your child with ease. Talk about yourself with as much care as you talk to your children about their bodies. If you aren’t a mother, think about how you talk to your best friend about her body. Start treating yourself with the same respect.
Don’t tune into body hate messages.  From commercials to all social media outlets, negativity is rampant. I hereby grant you permission to unfollow pages and hide friends (and family members) who only tend to be pessimistic. Instead, flood your daily feed with inspiration and see how much better you feel.

Set boundaries! You are who you hang out with. The people you encounter in your daily life influence your attitude and behavior. Spend more time with people who make you feel good about yourself and less with those who make you feel insignificant.

Pamper and pleasure your body! From a luxurious bubble bath on a tight budget to a therapeutic massage if you can afford it, your body deserves to be nurtured. Your body also wants to be pleasured. Sex is one of the best ways to tune into your body and alleviate stress. Fall in love with every curve!

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Of these tips, what will you apply to your life first? Please share within the comments!


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