This is Us: We Need to Talk About Kate and Her Weight

I kept watching the episode and it was nearly impossible to not get sucked in. I double dare anyone to finish that first episode and not continue on to watch the second. I was thankful Kate had a love interest, even if they did meet at her weight loss group. And while I found myself falling in love with the show, just as I did with Grey’s Anatomy, I kept wanting Kate to stop focusing on hating her body all the time; from weight loss group meetings to fat camp.

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Star Wars Maternity Shoot: Channeling Our Inner Dorkiness

This couple didn’t just think outside the box but outside the universe with their Star Wars maternity shoot. Then they brought things down to earth with a lovely photography session outside. Kinzey was all about going down a journey to embrace her plus size pregnancy and rocked a fitted yellow maternity dress for the second session. I hope you’ll enjoy her story and these wonderful photos!

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Causing a Stir with My Plus Size Boudoir Milk Bath Photo Shoot

My body, a plus size body I’ve worked incredibly hard to embrace (and still work to love but no longer hate), needs to be represented! So I packed my big girl (black lace) undies, three different plus size lingerie options, and a black dress that makes me feel gorgeous. I placed two bottles of champagne (AKA liquid courage) in the fridge to chill and headed to bed feeling ready to be a plus size boudoir milk bath model.

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