Causing a Stir with My Plus Size Boudoir Milk Bath Photo Shoot

My body, a plus size body I’ve worked incredibly hard to embrace (and still work to love but no longer hate), needs to be represented! So I packed my big girl (black lace) undies, three different plus size lingerie options, and a black dress that makes me feel gorgeous. I placed two bottles of champagne (AKA liquid courage) in the fridge to chill and headed to bed feeling ready to be a plus size boudoir milk bath model.

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5 Tips for a Stress-Free Plus Size Maternity Photo Shoot

When Tracie-Ann shared her breathtakingly beautiful plus size maternity photo shoot photos with me, I couldn’t help regretting not having my own maternity photos taken. The truth is that I didn’t realize how truly amazing I looked when I was pregnant. I was so focused on a belly that looked more like a “B” than a “D”, I couldn’t see my own beauty. I also didn’t realize that a great photographer can help you to recognize how stunning you really look!

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