Having a plus size pregnancy? Stop Googling, I’ve got you covered!

There’s so much misinformation about having a plus size pregnancy that it’s hard to know what to truly expect.


Can I have a healthy pregnancy?


Am I high risk because of my size?


When will I start to look pregnant and how can I find cute plus size maternity clothes?


Download the My Plus Size Pregnancy Guide today to get all the answers!


Hi! I’m Jen McLellan and I’ve been where you are today – plus size, pregnant, and discouraged by all the negative information online. Five years ago I set out to change the conversation about plus size pregnancy by starting my blog, Plus Mommy which has grown to a community of over 178,000 plus size women on Facebook.

As a certified childbirth educator, public speaker and published author, I’ve supported thousands of women by providing positive information to empower healthy decision making during pregnancy. Within this guide, I’m sharing all I’ve learned about plus size pregnancy. Future guides will cover trying to conceive, birth, and postpartum.


Whatever type of birth you want to have, medicated or natural, vaginal or cesarean, you will benefit from this guide!

Gain a clear understanding about what you can expect when you’re plus size and pregnant.


Learn how to reduce your increased risks and what activities you can do to start feeling better about your body today


Use the provided list of questions at your next appointment to make sure you have the size friendly healthcare provider you deserve. You’ll also be able to use insider tips to pick up on signs that a prospective provider might not be size friendly.


Be empowered with clear action steps for eating healthy and being physically active throughout your pregnancy.


Download the My Plus Size Pregnancy Guide and start using it at any point in your pregnancy!

You’ll learn the keys for having a positive and healthy plus size pregnancy!

Topics Include
º Embrace your bump and develop a new appreciation for your body
º What’s a B belly? (hint: it’s completely normal)
º Tips for finding plus size maternity clothes, belly bands, and nursing bras
º Realistic information about increased risks, how to reduce your risks and make informed decisions
º Look at nutrition in a new light
º Physical activity can be fun throughout pregnancy (and I can’t wait to tell you how!)
º Game changer: working with a size friendly care provider
º Hiring a doula can make a big impact on your pregnancy
º And so much more!

Worksheets & Templates 
º Body Love & Body Language
º Maternity Photographer Inquiry E-mail Template
º My Healthy Habits Checklist
º BRAIN Tool
º 15 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Size Friendly Care Provider
º 7 Questions to Ask When Selecting a Hospital
º Doula Inquiry E-mail Template

Feel empowered and embrace your plus size pregnancy for only $17.00!

Where does the information in this guide come from?

Over the past 5 years I’ve been asked the same set of questions over and over again. I felt it was time to pour everything into one resource to not only answer those popular questions but dive into topics that I’ve learned can help women to have a healthy and empowered plus size pregnancy.

As a certified childbirth educator, it’s important to me that all of the information included within the guide is evidence based so there are over 20 peer-reviewed studies sited throughout the guide. As a blogger, I wanted the guide to be an informative, easy to read, and fun so I share personal anecdotes as well as quotes from other plus size moms throughout the guide. There are also two guest essays: one from Caitlin O’Connor, a naturopathic doctor, from thevitalityproject.co. The other from Aubre Tompkins, MSN, CNM of amidwifeonthepath.com, a nurse midwife and clinical director of Mountain Midwifery Birth Center in Denver, Colorado.

What makes Jen McLellan an expert on plus size pregnancy?

I’m a certified childbirth educator and trained postpartum doula who travels the country speaking to birth professionals about supporting plus size birth. Over the past 5 years I’ve supported thousands of plus size women via my blog, the Plus Size Mommy Memoirs Facebook page, and my private Facebook forum. I’ve been a guest on HuffPost Live, have presented on many podcasts, and my work has been featured in major publications such as Yahoo Shine, Huffington Post Women, Everyday Feminism and International Doula.

With all of that said, I’m first and foremost a mother. I’ve personally experienced a very healthy plus size pregnancy and transformative natural childbirth. Those experiences changed my life and made me an advocate for other plus size women, regardless of the type of birth they want to have.

Why do I need this guide?

If you are pregnant or trying to conceive while plus size, then I’m willing to bet you’ve spent time on the internet. You’ve probably read that you will develop complications and this may have impacted your belief in your body’s ability to grow a baby. It’s very true that there are increased risks that plus size women face, and they are addressed within the guide, but I also talk about how you can reduce your risks as well as help you to see your body as truly amazing!

I dive into not only the fun topics like plus size maternity clothes but the things people don’t often address–like what if you can’t reach to wipe yourself anymore or you have no desire for your partner right now. I also spend a lot of time on body image, since having a plus size pregnancy is different and you might find yourself struggling in this area.

I believe you need this guide because it’s all of the information I wish I would’ve had when I was plus size and pregnant. Knowing what to truly expect and how to be a good advocate for yourself is worth far more than what I’m charging for this much-needed guide!



Who should read this?

The intended audience for this guide is plus size women who are pregnant. While this is also a wonderful resource for those who are trying to conceive, this guide only covers pregnancy and not conception. This guide has also been very well-received by birth professionals who want information on how to best support their plus size clients so it is considered a professional resource as well.


How long is the guide?

The My Plus Size Pregnancy Guide is a 89 page PDF that you can read on your computer, phone, or tablet. It’s a length long enough to cover everything you’d need to know about having a plus size pregnancy but not so long that you can’t read it in a very reasonable amount of time. You not only get the guide, but also additional tools and resources you’ll be able to download from a private link just for people who purchase it!

What makes plus size pregnancies different?

While women of all sizes are perfectly capable of having healthy pregnancies, there are some differences between a plus size and average size pregnancy. From increased risks plus size women face, to the time it takes to start showing and feel movement, even unique obstacles with body image, being plus size and pregnant is unique. Still, the greatest difference between a plus size and average size pregnancy is care provider bias against people of size as well as the societal stigma. All of this is addressed in this guide.

Some women connect with great providers right away and have positive experiences. Yet, sadly, many woman are treated poorly by providers throughout their pregnancy. The same can be said for some people being surrounded by supportive loved ones while others unfortunately receive a lot of “well-meaning” negative support. For example, I hear from women all the time whose loved ones tell them that they will develop gestational diabetes. Because of this, plus everything listed above, there are many additional emotional hurdles for plus size women during pregnancy and those are addressed throughout the guide.

I'm almost done with my pregnancy, or a second time mom, should I get this guide?

Yes! I’d say it’s never too late to get your hands on the information included within this guide. There are helpful tips from nutrition to physical activity that will last well beyond pregnancy. As well as the critical information on how to hire a size friendly care provider.

When it comes to moms, it’s important to note that every pregnancy and every birth is different! While you sure are an expert in your own right, I believe you’ll truly benefit from this guide.

I'm a birth professional, should I read this guide?

Yes, yes, and yes! While this guide is written with moms in mind, the information included is truly beneficial for not only moms and partners but also birth professionals who strive to be size friendly. You’ll find tips to pass along to clients in addition to gaining new insight and understanding of the women you serve.


Can I give this guide as a gift?

Absolutely! The guide will be sent, electronically, to the person’s e-mail address you input at the time of your purchase. You’re welcome to input your own or a loved ones e-mail as you check-out.

I do, however, ask that people don’t make multiples copies of the guide or forward it to others. Bulk rates are available for those who would like to purchase multiple copies and inquiries can be made at jen@plussizebirth.com.

Can I share this guide with others, a class, or clients?

While it’s my greatest hope that this guide is read far and wide, I hope people will be respectful of the countless hours that went into developing it. I ask that people please purchase one copy per-person and e-mail me at jen@plussizebirth.com for information about bulk rates. Thank you!!

This guide is wonderful and I’m grateful to have found it. I’ve learned things that I never gave much thought to in my first pregnancy, but that have made this second pregnancy much easier, and empowered me to have the pregnancy and birth that I want. It’s given me the tools I need to make this my own experience and not fall into the “obese pregnancy” trap that some providers set. Thank you, Jen, for compiling such great resources to keep at my fingertips!

Megan Nelson

I had several “ah-ha!” moments reading this book–I realized there was so much I didn’t know I didn’t know about plus-size pregnancy! I am so grateful to Jen for giving me and other advocates invaluable insight into the unique needs and experiences of plus-size women. There is no doubt it’s broadened my perspective, knowledge base, and compassion.

Cristen Pascucci

Founder, Birth Monopoly

Jen McLellan and her amazing PSMM community has been my go-to resource for anything regarding plus size and pregnancy/postpartum/breastfeeding. I remember searching for a community just like PSMM when a customer of mine told me about her horrible experience with a healthcare provider, who was not very supportive. I was so sad about her mistreatment that I just HAD to find a resource for her. I have been a follower of Jen for years now and when she announced her Plus Size Pregnancy Guide I just knew I had to grab a copy and I was not disappointed. If you want an easy to read-information packed guide that covers everything from how to find a plus size friendly healthcare provider to having an empowering pregnancy to finding the best maternity bras, maternity wear and books for your plus sized body I would highly recommend this guide!

Julie Berg

Founder, Dressed to Deliver

This guide is such an AMAZING resource and is unlike anything else that is out there! It is comprehensive but not overwhelming. It is enjoyable to read while also presenting a wealth of important information. This guide will help women to have more empowered, positive pregnancy experiences by covering all the topics they need to know about to advocate for themselves and understand what is going on with their bodies. I truly feel that all pregnant mamas who are plus size would benefit greatly from reading this guide!

Jasmine Schrader

Doula & Founder, Earth Mama Empowered Birthing

Reading Jen’s work is always like sitting down with a friend. She does an amazing job of balancing the emotional concerns and physical realities of a plus size pregnancy.
Amy Murlowski

I read Jen’s guide from the view of a Developmental Origins of Health and Disease (DOHaD) advocate and Fetal Health Development Specialist. What I loved and appreciated from Jen’s guide was her ability to connect with me as a woman and a health professional. I couldn’t help but feel more confident in my body but also empowered in my ability to support women of all sizes. Throughout this guide, you will find Jen is open, honest, provides humor, is supportive, and resourceful. I love her advice for nutrition and physical activity because she focuses on doing what makes us feel good and allows us to have fun. Her advice makes a healthy lifestyle simple to obtain and maintain because she brings us back to the most fundamental aspects of living a healthy life. Jen also discusses what a “care provider” truly means. She explains the differences between professions with respect towards them all and emphasizes what to look for in a person who is caring for our baby and us. She also provides questions to ask to help us figure out if a care provider is a right fit for our needs. As a health professional, I am recommending this guide to all of my colleagues and women I help who are on their pregnancy journey. Thank you, Jen, for creating this guide!
Erin Smith

Founder, Imprinted Legacy

Hands down the BEST $17 I have ever spent. I feel lots better about being pregnant now! THANK YOU Jen!

Tonia Best

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