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Are you plus size and pregnant or trying to conceive? You’ve found the right place!

Plus Size Birth promotes positive resources to empower healthy decision making for those who are having a plus size pregnancy or trying to conceive. By sharing personal stories, inspiring images, and practical strategies, you will find support and community!

I think it’s really important to talk about the realities of being plus size and pregnant. The options for nursing bras, maternity, belly bands & books are so minuscule that it’s insulting. I knew it was frustrating but had no idea until I found myself pregnant and searching for things and answers that didn’t exist until I connected with Plus Size Birth. Jen’s resources and support helped me throughout my pregnancy.

Tess Holliday

Plus Size Model

Plus Size Babywearing Unboxing with Tula

When it comes to plus size friendly carriers, Tula is one of my favorites! It’s also a favorite of the Plus Mommy Facebook community. I know this to be true because anytime I ask the community, “What’s your favorite option for plus size babywearing?” Tula is always mentioned multiple times. If you love babywearing and watching unboxings then you are in for a treat with this plus size babywearing unboxing with Tula!

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Chub Rub Solutions for Thunder Thighs

I recently went on the hunt for chub rub solutions and quickly discovered that not all options for plus size people are created equal. You see, my friends, my thighs don’t gap – they clap! If you’re like me, and your legs bring the thunder smacks when you dare to go bare, then this article is for you!

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Beyond Gluten Free: Celiac Disease Pregnancy Complications

Experts estimate that 1 in 100 Americans have celiac disease but as many as 97% of people with celiac disease don’t even know they have it! There are studies showing increased risks during pregnancy (and an impact on fertility). We need to be having these conversations and people need to be getting tested.

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