Sheri’s PCOS Story

Ethan & Parker’s Birth Story

I am going to start from the very beginning.  And compared to some of your stories I guess I had it pretty easy….  Well this is my story…

On September 22,2007 I married my best friend on a beautiful autumn day. We had decided that we wanted to start right away on trying for a baby. Well we had no luck and after about 6 months we decided that it would happen when it was meant to. Little did I know that I would actually have something medically wrong that would be the cause for a lot of heartache. I had gone to my PCP and I was discussing possible issues I could have going on that would cause us not to be able to conceive. I said its been about a year my cycles are usually normal and in the last 5 years I put on a lot of weight why can’t I get pregnant? I asked about the possibility of having PCOS. My dr flat out told me I was considered obese and that PCOS wasn’t an option and wouldnt test me because I didn’t have any outward signs. I left upset and confused. Why had she even refused to test me? Was it just because I was fat?? She just blamed my weight for my infertility.

I finally took matters into my own hands and looked up fertility specialists in the area. I located Dr. Levine and he was the owner of Hudson Valley Fertility. We made an appointment and met with him. He was a very intelligent and friendly man. He spoke about how he got into this particular field. He said that both of his daughters were conceived via IVF and that he wanted to give others the happiness and families they wanted and deserved. He asked about what insurance we had. When we said that we had GHI HMO he was very blunt and said that this insurance only covers tests no actual treatments. So we said that we wanted to start some testing.

He had scheduled me for an internal ultrasound so that he could actually look at my uterus and had Billy give a sample and wanted him to see a urologist.  He seen the urologist first to make sure he did not have a varicocele.  After all tests and ultrasounds they determined this was not an issue.  His sample then provided a large quantity but they were a little on the slow side but no cause for concern so they said it had to be me.  So I went for my internal and immediately Dr. Levine noticed something with my ovaries. He pointed out dark spots all around them and asked me if I had any idea on what I thought they could be.  I told him I had no idea.. he said that is what we call the black pearl necklace… I remember looking at him completely confused.  He said they are cysts. And he did some blood tests and determined that I did in fact havePCOS. I wanted to cry because I knew that is what was wrong with me.  Other tests indicated that I do not always release an egg.  My body goes through the motions but there isn’t always something there.  If that makes any sense? I ended up leaving knowing that one of the only ways we could possibly conceive was to go through an IUI or IVF.  I honestly at that point didnt want to go through with it because I felt that if God wanted me to have a baby he would have blessed me with one.

We ended up first trying 3 rounds of clomid starting in June of 2009.  Dr.Levine suggested this 1st and if it didn’t work then we would figure out what to do next.   In August I felt like I was pregnant and took a test early.  I could have sworn I seen a faint line. So I decided that I would obviously wait to get a better reading.  4 days later I had my monthly visit and it was extremely painful and heavy.  I was crushed and I cried.  Later that afternoon we decided on going for a bike ride with some friends just to keep my mind off things.  We got back to the car to load up the bikes and my phone started to ring. I answered it because I seen it was my brother.  This particular brother usually doesnt called unless he has to complain about something or wants something from you.  So as I answer if blurts out that him and his girlfriend are expecting. I felt my heart break. I was happy for them but it was a kick in the stomach to me.  Why was it so easy for them and I have to struggle? I congratulated them and spent the next 2 days in hiding just crying.  I didn’t want to be bothered with anyone and I couldn’t even stand the sight of them together with her ever growing belly. February 2010 came around and we decided to take the next step since Billy had switched insurances so that we could get stuff done  We found out that our current insurance covers IUI and IVF up to 50k in a lifetime.

So in February we decided to start all tests and hormone injections.  April 12, 2010 we had our egg retrieval. We were told they retrieved about 27 eggs! After injecting the mature ones with Billy’s sperm we had 7 viable embryos.  On April 17th they transferred 2 and froze the remaining 5. On April 29th which was also my 27th birthday we received the news that we were pregnant. We had our 1st ultra sound on May 18, 2010 and seen our little bean and its heartbeat which was measured at 139.  We were determined to be at 6w4d.  Dr. Levine said he wanted us to come back in 2 weeks for another routine ultrasound. So on June 1st my mom and brother accompanied me to the dr.  I was soo excited for my mom to see our little Baby Duschaneck.  Dr. Levine starts the ultrasound and gets very quiet my mom says she has no idea what she is looking at since its been about 17 years for her. I knew exactly what it was.. it was my baby without a heartbeat. He hugged me and told me that I should get dressed and go down to his office so we can discuss the next route. With my mom by my side we sat with the dr.  He said that my body hadn’t even registered that I was miscarrying and that it had likely happened within the last 24 hours since I was measuring 8w4d which was right on track. He said that I could let my body go through the miscarriage naturally or have a D&C.  I opted for the D&C and on June 6th I had the procedure done. After I woke up he came in and spoke to me and said that they would do genetic testing  and other tests on the baby to see what could have caused this.  He also asked if I had ever been pregnant before.  My heart had stopped and I said no.. well not that I was aware of why? He said while doing the procedure he noticed scar tissue in my uterus which could have been related to a past pregnancy.  A couple weeks later I went back in to be check out to make sure everything was healing properly and to give me results of the tests. He said everything looked good and that my genetic tests came back good. No genetic issues… but that I had some sort of clotting disorder (cant remember which one) and my body pretty much clotted the baby out.  That made me sad and he also informed me that the baby would have been a boy. That made everything a little harder but I asked him when we could try again.  He said I needed to have a menstrual flow first and the next time to get in would be August 6th. A few weeks before this scheduled transfer date I went in for some routine checks and found out that I now had polyps in my uterus and that I needed to undergo another D&C. So I ended up not having a transfer on the 6th but I did have the D&C.  It was successful and they had me get ready for the next cycle on September 24th.  A week prior to the scheduled transfer they did an ultrasound to measure my lining and determined that on top of the lovenox injections, progestrone suppositories, baby aspirin  and estrogen patches that I now needed to take estrogen pills and my patches had to be upped to 3 every other day(directions on the box says 1 every 7 days so you get an idea of how much was going into my body… talk about hormonal and crazy) The 24th came and went and I was not in that group… finally on the 27th I was brought in for the transfer of 3 embryos.

On October 11th I received the news that we were pregnant again! We couldn’t have been any happier.  On the 17th while driving home I started getting some slight cramping.  I rushed home and ran into the bathroom and when I wiped I seen blood.  I immediately started to cry and called Billy to come home.  He came home and took me to the hospital.  They did blood tests and an ultrasound and seen 2 sacs.  After that was all done the very inexperienced ER dr came in and said that I was losing both babies because my hormone levels we low and the size of them didn’t look right. I cried the whole way home and all night.  I called Dr. Levine first thing in the morning and he had me come in at 11:30am.  I ran in and he did an ultrasound. He said I look perfect for about a 5 week pregnancy and he showed me fetal poles and all. He said come back in a week for another ultrasound.  They took some blood to run tests and also said he didn’t see any causes for the sudden spotting.  Well that following Sunday we decided to go to my parents for Sunday dinner. At this point we hadn’t told my parents and were planning on waiting until Christmas which would have made me 15 weeks by then.  Well we were all sitting on the porch talking when I had the urge to go to the restroom.  I went in and the next thing I see is blood just running out.  And I am sorry to be so graphic but it was like a river and of course I immediately started to panic.  I called Bill in and told him he needs to take me to the hospital again and showed him the toilet full of blood.  He ran and started the car and at that point I called my mother to come in and broke the news to her that we were pregnant with twins and I didn’t want to tell them for another couple months.  She hugged me and said to go to the hospital and she kept my secret.  I still wanted to surprise my father who had been waiting for grandkids from me. I get to the hospital and they do another ultrasound and the dr comes in and gives me my results.

It was one of those moments where time just freezes and you are scared to death of what they may say.  Well he informed me that both babies were perfectly fine… both measuring about 6 weeks and both had heart beats of 111 & 117.  I couldn’t have been more relieved to know that both of my babies were still going.  I seen Dr. Levin on Friday and he did another ultrasound and everything was great and my EDD was June 17th 2011.  Still no signs of what was causing the bleeding and he suggested since Baby A implanted so close to my cervix that, that could be the issue.  At my 8 weeks apt he hugged me again and said that “I told you things would work out” and then he released me to my regular OB.  I continued to bleed on and off until I was 12 weeks.  But every appointment made me nervous.  I always had that feeling that something could happen again.

I was monitored very closely and my OB said that they did not want me to work and that I needed to be on modified bed rest since they considered me to be high risk due to the previous m/c and all the bleeding.  So I seen my MFM dr every 3-4 weeks and my OB twice a month.  In January my blood pressure started to creep up slowly and my OB said I want to deliver you at 38 weeks but I am not sure you’ll make it that far.  I told him I would make it and that these babies will come out healthy and happy.  So at that point I was squeeze in for a BP check every week.  I ended up on BP medication throughout the remainder of my pregnancy.  Also while seeing the MFM dr I would be checked there as well.  Finally my OB scheduled me for a c-section since Baby B was breech and showed no signs of flipping.  They were pretty much running out of room.  So he gave me my options and I still laugh and picture his face when he says..

Dr. Murphy:  Well you can do a vaginal delivery and delivery Baby A and then I can reach all up in there and pull Baby B out but then when I finish I would have to check myself to make sure I didn’t crap my pants.. he also went on to explain the risks involved…

Me: Ummmmm

Dr. Murphy:  Or you can do the scheduled c-section which would be a lot less stressful for you and the babies.

Me: Okay sounds good when am I going? LOL

He scheduled me for 38 weeks which was June 7th.  At  17 weeks we found out that both babies were boys.   I was so happy but then everything started to happen back to back. My bp kept going up even with medication and finally the beginning of April my legs from the knees down swelled pretty bad(of all places to get stretch marks I have them on my ankles) I was in the drs office twice a week plus seeing my MFM dr every 2-3 weeks.  I had to do 24hr urines every week but never showed signs of pre-E.  I guess the only plus side was that I was getting double ultrasounds J  Bill kept telling me that he is going to get screwed out of holiday pay  for work for memorial day.  I said how im scheduled for June 7th and he told me that he knew I was going to go right before. Well here is it the beginning of May and I started getting some horrible pain in the top of my belly that had me curled up in bed crying.  Nothing I did would make the pain go away.  I wasn’t sure what this was.  Was it contractions? I have never felt this before.  I called my on call OB and he had me rush down to the hospital.  Of course when I get there the pain disappears but they hook me up to a million monitors.  No contractions and the babies look absolutely perfect.  What a relief.  So then he tells me he wanted to check my cervix to make sure I am not dilated.  And what do you know…. I am high and closed up tight.  These boys aren’t coming anytime soon.  I am sent home and told to keep my feet up and stay in bed.

So it’s now May 26th and I am at my MFM dr for my routine ultrasound and what have you.  Well she is takes my bp once in the beginning and once at the end of the appt.  Both were pretty high.  She then looks at my feet and legs and asked when I was scheduled.  I told her June 7th… she said oh no these babies need to come out asap.  She spoke to my OB and he then moved me to May 31st at 1pm.(Poor Bill and his holiday pay lol) My poor OB had been at the hospital since the day before since he worked a double for the Holiday.  Well I didn’t get in at 1pm but at about 1:30pm they have me walk down to the OR and get me all prepared for the c-section.  They gave me my half epidural/half spinal tap. I felt like I was dying.  My chest was sooo heavy I felt like I couldn’t breathe.  Finally after a little time that subsided and Bill came in and sat next to me.  At 2:04pm Parker Adam made his appearance weighing 6lbs 4oz and measuring 17 ¾ inches.  Ethan William followed at 2:05pm weighing 7lbs 1oz and measuring 19 inches.  They screamed and the drs and nurses kept commenting on how loud they were.  Then the nurse brought Parker over to me so I could see him.  Then she told me that they were taking him to the NICU since he was having some issues breathing and making lots of wheezing sounds.  She said he might have aspirated some fluid and just needs a little help with breathing.  At that point I didn’t even get to touch him.  I had Bill go up to the NICU with him.  Then the nurses handed me Ethan and I was in my glory.  I was able to hold him as the wheeled me to recovery.  I spent about 10 minutes just looking at him before they took him to the nursery.  Then the fun began… I sat in recovery for 7 hours because my bp was just so high. At that 7th hour they had no choice but to give me my room as there were back to back emergency c-sections.  It was a mad house.  I was told then that Parker had been moved to the nursery.  He had only been in the NICU for a half hour.  I was very pleased with that news.  Once in my own room I was able to hold both of my babies together for the 1st time.  I had asked Bill if he took any pictures of Parker in the NICU and he said he refused to because he didn’t want to remember him tired up to a million tubes.  Friday June 3rd I was scheduled for release from the hospital but my OB wanted me to stay because on my BP as it still wasn’t where he wanted it to be.  I refused to stay and send my babies home.  Well he allowed me home but had to go back to be checked twice a week.  I finally was able to get my BP down and back to normal only to end up with pneumonia a week later and having my gall bladder removed in August.  Yup you guessed my pain during pregnancy… I had stupid gall stones.

I just cannot believe it’s been over a year and I have two beautiful and healthy 18 month old boys.


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