Plus Size Doula Connections is an idea I came up with after having a healthy plus size pregnancy and incredible natural childbirth experience.  I truly believe my doula is the reason I was able to give birth in the hospital without any unnecessary interventions. I have such admiration for doulas and this is my way to show support for the doula community.   
When I was almost six months pregnant, Whitney Nichols-Dewey, my amazing doula, came into my life.  She put my husband and I on a path that enabled us to have the birth of our dreams.  My natural childbirth was a transformative experience!   Not only did I have my darling son but I also discovered a newfound love for my imperfect body. 
I could no longer be ashamed of a body that could do such extraordinary things.  I began with my Plus Size Mommy Memoirs blog and Facebook page to share my story.  The response was overwhelming. Within a month, a community of plus size women supporting one another through pregnancy and birthing, started to emerge. 
It felt really good to share my story but I wanted to do more to enable plus size women to also share my experience. I thought a list of doulas that self-identified as “size friendly” would be encouraging to plus size pregnant women.  With that idea, Plus Size Doula Connections was created.
I am currently searching for doulas that would like to participate.  My goal is to have a comprehensive list of doulas from around the world that have experience working with women weighing more than 200 pounds.  Together, we can support plus size women in hospitals where their wishes aren’t always honored and to link women birthing outside of a hospital with doulas who have experience working with larger women. 
Click here to learn more and be sure to check out Plus Size Doula Connection’s Facebook page.   

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