Body Love

For far too long women have been taught that our bodies are broken. That we aren’t good enough. This ends now because hating your body takes way too much energy and leads to unhealthy choices. Your body isn’t broken. Your body is amazing! Make the decision to love your body starting today by reading some of our top love articles, books, and videos. These resources body love will support you throughout motherhood!



Love Your Big Butt

Last week a story went viral about Meghan Tonjes, an incredibly talented singer and clever Vlogger (video blogger), having a photo of her butt (wearing undies) taken down from Instagram. There was absolutely nothing indecent about her photo.

Love Letter to an Internet Bully

As a blogger and owner of a popular Facebook page I’ve come under attack by internet bullies many times. The main reason I get attacked by an internet bully is because I’m a fat woman empowering other fat women to love and respect their bodies. As if it’s a radical notion that women of size can not only be loved by others, but also love themselves.

The Bully from Within

In our daily lives we are blasted with messages that say we’re not good enough. From the billboards we see during our commute to the obnoxious Facebook ads touting a quick fix diet. What if I told you there’s a bully worse than the media or that person who tormented you in high school? It’s time we talk about the bully from within.

Below are body love books that have the ability to transform your life! Jen McLellan, founder of this website, is the co-author of The Peachie Moms Guide to Body Love for Moms and has a guest essay within the popular body positive book, Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls: A Handbook for Unapologetic Living.


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