Why We Need To Talk About Maternal Obesity

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05/2015 – May Issue of Today’s Parent Magazine
article appeared within the print magazine and online

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2015 WEGO Health Activist Awards (finalist) 

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2/15/2013 – CAPPA Radio Interview

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3/29/2013 – Featured on The Mama Natural Show 

2/13/2012 – Featured blogger for Mile High Mamas

1/26/2012 – Featured blogger for The Mom Pledge

1/9/2012 – Featured blogger for Denver Spark

8/10/2011 – Babble’s 50 Top Mom Blogs
(Plus Size Mommy Memoirs Blog listed #44 out of the top 50 blogs and #12 of Most Thought Provoking Blogs) 

6/27/2011 – Birth Stories on Demand Radio Interview

6/13/2011 – Progressive Parenting Radio Interview
(My interview starts about a half of an hour into the show)

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4/28/2011 – Birth Stories on Demand, Braeden’s Birth Story


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