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Size-Friendly Birth Professionals

Welcome to our dedicated space for those on the path to becoming or advancing as size-friendly birth professionals.

Size-friendly childbirth education

Start your exploration with a brief quiz to find out how you align with size-inclusive birth practices.

What is a size-friendly birth professional?

A size-friendly birth professional provides inclusive and non-judgmental maternity support, focusing on the needs of individuals in larger bodies.

Size-friendly or size-inclusive birth professionals are maternity care providers and birth workers dedicated to creating a respectful, welcoming, and non-judgmental environment for individuals of all body sizes.

They continually strive to recognize and overcome any size biases, ensuring their work remains free from judgment and prejudice.

Size-friendly birth professionals are knowledgeable in addressing the unique physical and emotional needs of individuals with a BMI above 30, tailoring their evidence-based care plans, using appropriate equipment, and providing personalized advice to optimize health outcomes and experiences for those they support.

Their holistic and sensitive approach reflects a deep commitment to providing high-quality, respectful maternity support for every individual, regardless of size.

Resources for Size-Friendly Birth Professionals

Below, you'll find helpful Plus Size Birth articles, insightful podcast interviews, and further resources to bolster your journey.

Size-inclusive Doula

Plus Size Birth

With millions of visitors and over a decade worth of content, Plus Size Birth is the leading plus size pregnancy website. Here you'll find resources for plus size pregnancy, a guide to plus size maternity clothes, birth stories, week-by-week plus size pregnancy breakdown, and so much more!

In our blog, you'll find helpful articles like 5 Steps To Becoming The Size-Friendly Midwife Someone Really Needs.

We also offer the My Plus Size Pregnancy Guide and audiobook cover everything a person wants to know about having a plus size pregnancy.

Be sure to connect via social media on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. And if you're interested in consulting on how to be a size-friendly professional, learn more.

Size-Inclusive Maternity Training

Introducing “Size-Friendly Birth“: a premier course for birth professionals committed to advocating for size-inclusive support brought to you by Plus Size Birth.

Elevate your professional practice with insights and strategies that have a tangible impact.

This comprehensive course is designed to:

  • Gain a deep understanding of the distinct needs of individuals in larger bodies.
  • Identify and actively dismantle weight bias within your work.
  • Refine your communication skills to ensure every interaction is respectful and supportive.
  • Apply practical, evidence-based strategies to enhance size-inclusivity and accommodation within your practice.

And that's just the beginning.

Accredited by leading institutions, this course not only expands your expertise but also empowers you to significantly contribute to positive outcomes in the lives of those you serve.

Are you ready to lead with change? Enroll today!

size-friendly birth course promo with workbook and laptop showing course

Plus Mommy Podcast

The Plus Mommy Podcast, hosted by Jen McLellan founder of Plus Size Birth, explores topics around plus size pregnancy and parenthood. Some of the most memorable episodes are with size-friendly birth professionals sharing their expertise. We're highlighting three below!

You can listen to all episodes via your favorite podcast app from Apple Podcast to Spotify.

Size-Friendly Birth Professional Podcast Episodes

Pregnancy For Everybody

In 2019, the National Child And Maternal Health Educational Program from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) launched the Pregnancy For Everybody initiative.

Plus Size Birth is listed as a resource, and Jen was honored to have collaborated with NIH on this needed project.

The Pregnancy For Everybody resource standouts by sharing evidence-based information in an empowering way.

ACOG's Obesity In Pregnancy Frequently Asked Questions is also a valuable resource. However, it contains language some may find triggering and focuses heavily on increased risks and weight loss.

Advantage Midwifery is another evidence-based resource with a lot of helpful information, including educational videos. It also comes with a warning for language and focuses on weight.