Are you having a plus size pregnancy or trying to conceive? You’ve found the right place!

When you Google “plus size pregnancy” it’s easy to be convinced that you’ll develop all kinds of complications.

Are there increased risks that come with being plus size and pregnant? Yes, but just because there are increased risks doesn’t mean you’ll automatically incur them because of your size. The odds of having a healthy plus size pregnancy are actually in your favor.

Throughout this website, you’ll learn the keys to having a healthy plus size pregnancy and find supportive resources including where to find plus size maternity clothes. You’ll get tips for connecting with a size friendly doula and care provider. As well as understand how to embrace your body during pregnancy.

If you’re currently trying to conceive, we have resources to support you during that journey as well.
Stop Googling. Start feeling empowered!

I think it’s really important to talk about the realities of being plus size and pregnant. The options for nursing bras, maternity, belly bands, and books are so minuscule that it’s insulting. I knew it was frustrating but had no idea until I found myself pregnant and searching for things and answers that didn’t exist until I connected with Plus Size Birth. Jen’s resources and support helped me throughout my pregnancy.

Tess Holliday

Plus Size Model