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Plus Size Pregnancy Support

plus size pregnant woman and mother

Are you plus size and pregnant or trying to conceive?

Welcome to Plus Size Birth! 

When you Google “plus size pregnancy” it’s easy to be convinced that you’ll develop all kinds of complications.

The odds of having a healthy plus size pregnancy are in your favor.

Here you'll tap into positive evidence-based plus size pregnancy resources and support.

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    My Plus Size Pregnancy Guide

    My Plus Size Pregnancy Guide

    The My Plus Size Pregnancy Guide is an incredible guidebook designed to support you throughout your pregnancy.

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    My Invisible Plus Size Pregnancy

    Being plus size and pregnant means that most people won’t know you’re pregnant. You may feel like you're having an invisible plus size pregnancy. Instead, you must take every advantage and opportunity to celebrate your pregnancy.

    Plus Mommy Podcast

    Plus Size Pregnancy Podcast

    Host Jen McLellan, the founder of Plus Size Birth, takes on topics from plus size pregnancy to parenthood with the Plus Mommy Podcast. From bumps to bellies, we talk about it all!