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Plus Size Pregnancy Clothes – Weekly Roundup

Each week we search the internet to bring you hot deals for plus size pregnancy clothes and items requested by the Plus Size Birth Instagram community.

Red Flowy Dress

This red plus size maternity dress goes to a size 2XL and comes in many bold colors.

Black Lace

This black place maternity gown is so gorgeous for a sexy maternity shoot (and even consider a white lace dress for a milk bath photoshoot). Just be sure to size-up!

Lace Red Dress

This PinkBlush lace dress is a favorite maternity gown that goes to a size 3XL.

Pink Robe

This puffy tulle robe comes in all the colors of the rainbow and goes up to a size 4XL.

Rainbow Dress

Looking to celebrate a rainbow baby pregnancy or just love the colorful look? Checkout this Amazon maternity gown that comes in sizes 2 – 22.

Green Dress

This forest green dress from Pink Blush goes up to a size 3XL and also comes in light blue and mint green.

Orchid Dress

This gorgeous gown is from Baltic Born and goes to a size 3XL. The sizing options are limited based on the color dress you desire. Thankfully there are many lovely shades to select from, so scope them out.

Purple Maxi Dress

This popular plus size maxi dress comes in so many colors and patterns. While it's not a maternity dress, it works great for pregnancy, postpartum, and well beyond!

Red Dress

Last week's top request, where did that gorgeous red dress come from? The answer? Amazon!

✨ Deals ✨

15% off Baltic Born

With beautiful plus size maternity dresses (select options go to 4XL), get 15% off Baltic Born with code PLUSSIZEBIRTH15

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two plus size women pregnant and wearing plus size pregnancy clothes

Helpful Tips for Pregnancy Plus Size Clothes

Along with sharing deals, we wanted to provide helpful advice on plus size pregnancy clothes. So, let's explore some friendly tips to keep you feeling fabulous and comfortable throughout your pregnancy without overhauling your entire wardrobe.

Embrace Your Current Wardrobe

First and foremost, don't rush out and spend a ton on maternity clothes.

Many pieces in your closet, especially those that are stretchy or have a loose fit, can still serve you well throughout pregnancy. Items like maxi dresses, tunics, and leggings are incredibly versatile and can beautifully accommodate your growing belly.

Sizing Up: A Simple Solution

When you need to shop for new items, consider simply sizing up in regular clothing instead of diving straight into maternity sections.

Often, you'll find that going a size or two larger in your favorite stores can offer the extra room you need, particularly for tops and dresses. This approach can save you money and keep you feeling like yourself style-wise.

Invest in Key Plus Size Maternity Pieces

Although you might not need an extensive maternity wardrobe, investing in a few key plus size maternity items can make a world of difference in how you feel every day.

Look for items like versatile maternity dresses that can be dressed up or down or also a gorgeous gown for a maternity shoot.

Remember, a few well-chosen pieces can go a long way!

Seek Out Advice and Hand-Me-Downs

Don't hesitate to ask your plus size friends who have been through pregnancy for advice or even clothing they no longer need. They can offer invaluable tips on where to find the best plus size pregnancy clothes.

And who knows, they may even have pieces they're willing to pass along to you (fingers crossed).

Tap into Online Communities

Online clothing swap groups and maternity forums are goldmines for gently used maternity clothes.

These communities are not only great for finding deals but also for connecting with others who can share their experiences and tips for dressing a plus size pregnant body with confidence.

Embrace Your Changing Body

Above all, remember that your body is doing the incredible work of growing a new life!

Embrace these changes and give yourself permission to feel beautiful and comfortable in whatever you wear.

Plus size pregnancy clothes are all about accommodating your body's needs while maintaining your sense of style.

Here's to a happy, healthy, and stylish pregnancy journey!