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Plus Size Belly Band And Plus Size Maternity Support Belt Resources

From the beginning of pregnancy to the postpartum period, your changing belly might need a little extra support like a plus size belly band! There are just as many reasons why you might require one as there are gizmos, like a plus size maternity support belt, plus size belly band, or plus size postpartum girdle, to meet your needs.

Below we'll review the different benefits they may provide, types of support accessories, and where to find one that fits. 

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plus size pregnant woman wearing a plus size belly band

Benefits Of Wearing Plus Size Maternity Support Belt Or Belly Band 

  • Allows you to wear your pre-pregnancy clothes longer
  • Makes your belly look smooth under your clothes
  • Prevents built-in bands on maternity pants from creeping down
  • Provides back support
  • Helpful if you work on your feet
  • Get a better night’s sleep
  • A belly band can help to hold monitors in place during labor 
  • Helps people to feel more comfortable following a c-section
  • Provides a feeling of tightness to your postpartum belly
  • Allows you to transition back into your pre-pregnancy clothes

5 Types Of Plus Size Support Accessories

1. Plus Size Belly Band

A band of material designed to hold up unbuttoned waistbands and can provide support during pregnancy and postpartum.

2. Plus Size Maternity Support Tank

A tank top with a built-in bra that provides lower back pain relief during pregnancy.

3. Plus Size Maternity Support Underwear

Provides belly coverage and support.  Some products fit like briefs while others go all of the way down to the thigh area.

4. Plus Size Maternity Support Belt

An adjustable belt that supports the abdomen and lower back.

5. Plus Size Postpartum Girdle

Gives a feeling of support and tightness during pregnancy or postpartum. 

Now you’re probably wondering where you can buy these belly support accessories, including a maternity support belt. Below you’ll find many different options from free to over $50. 

As I was putting this post together one thing became abundantly clear – reviews of these products are very mixed. Some people loved their selected belly support apparatus while others couldn’t stand it. 

It’s critical that you don’t wear a band that is too tight or so restrictive that it digs into your skin. Therefore, try before you buy, know your exact size, or make sure there’s a good online return policy.

The Best Plus Size Support Belt And Belly Band Recommendations

Plus Size Maternity Belly Band

Belly Support Type: Plus Size Maternity Belly Band
Plus Size Information: Goes up to size 22 – 26

Plus Size Maternity Camisole

Belly Support Type: Plus Size Maternity Support Tank
Plus Size Information: Goes up to size 46DD


Belly Support Type: Plus Size Maternity Underwear & Plus Size Maternity Shapewear
Plus Size Information: S (0-6) M (8-12) L (14-18) XL (20-26)

Motherhood Maternity Women's Maternity Belt

Belly Support Type: Belly Band, Belts, Underwear, and Plus Size Postpartum Girdle
Plus Size Information: 3XL (49 – 50 inches).

Flexguard Support

Belly Support Type: Maternity Support Belt
Plus Size Information: 3XL (54 – 62 inches)

Plus Size C-Section Belly Binder/Girdle

Belly Support Type: Abdominal Stomach Binder
Plus Size Information: 4XL (190 – 254 inches) 

Large Postpartum Girdle

Belly Support Type: Abdominal Stomach Binder
Plus Size Information: 4XL (58 – 78 inches) 

Plus Size Bariatric Abdominal Stomach Binder

Belly Support Type: Abdominal Stomach Binder
Plus Size Information: 4XL (76 – 100 inches) 

Alternative Options

Hospital Support Wrap

Some hospitals will give you a band (similar to a large Ace bandage) upon request. These are most often given to women who have had a c-section.

Compression Bandage

You can purchase your own compression bandage on Amazon. Remember that you never want a band to be so tight that it cuts off blood flow or digs into your skin.

Plus Size Babywearing

Plus Size babywearing wraps can be used long before your bundle of joy arrives.  They can be used as belly wraps by simply tying it around yourself and tightening to your desired comfort level.

Plus Size Spanks

A pair of plus size Spanks, while not designed specifically for pregnancy, is a go-to favorite for some plus size parents.

Plus Size Maternity Underwear 

When it comes to just regular plus size maternity underwear, pretty much any store that carries plus size maternity clothes will also have undies. Consider buying “boy shorts” panties where you usually buy your clothes. They come in cute patterns, are usually a lot cheaper than maternity underwear, and will last well beyond pregnancy.

Lastly, raid your and your partner’s closet! Plus size bike shorts, boxer briefs, leggings, pantyhose, or even a halter top can provide a little extra support.

If you’re not looking for support but just need a little extra give for your pre-pregnancy pants, then a rubber band is all you need.  Loop a rubber band from your buttonhole on your jeans and then connect the band to your button.  Viola!

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