From Tula to Moby, we've reviewed the most popular plus size babywearing carriers and wraps. Here you'll pick from the best baby carrier for plus size parents options to add to your plus size pregnancy essentials wish list or make your purchase today. You'll be amazed by all the plus size baby carrier options.

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Plus Size Baby Carrier

Below you'll see our top 11 baby carriers for plus size moms listed in alphabetical order. 

1. Baby K’tan

Plus Size Information
The Baby K’tan is sized to fit the wearer and we have sizes ranging all the way up to XL (Women’s size 18-22)

Plus Size Babywearing Reviews
• Baby K'tan is awesome! I'm size 24 fits great! Daughter loves it very comfortable not back-breaking like some
• Doesn't cut in or squeeze me where I don't want it too. The cotton is a wonderful breathable material for longer wears, and Daddy can use the same size. Plus – it's only an XL.
• I really love my Baby K'tan. It's soft and flexible, very easy to put on and get baby into and easy to adjust with a baby in it if you need to. I am carrying my one month old regularly but I have put my 18 lb 7-month-old nephew in it as well as my 40 lb 4-year-old daughter. It's worked for everyone!

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Baby K’tan Plus Size Babywearing mom


2. Boba Wrap

Plus Size Information
The Boba carrier comes only in one size. It is designed to fit most parents between 5 and 6’3 feet tall.

Plus Size Babywearing Reviews
• I LOVE LOVE my Boba!!! I love that it's stretchy and breaths, unlike the moby.
• Boba Organic is comfortable. It has long straps to accommodate larger body sizes without extenders. It's nice to be able to front or back carry comfortably.
• I loved our Boba, mostly because it was the only one I could find that both fit AND was slightly stretchy. I like the t-shirt like material and that it fit dad, too. I'm 5'9″ and 450lbs, daddy is 6'4″ and 450lbs, and it was plenty big and comfy.

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Boba Wrap Plus Size Babywearing mom

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3. Didymos 

Plus Size Information
Sizing goes up to XXXL.  

Plus Size Babywearing Reviews
• I don't leave home without my Didymos.
• Didymos come in all ranges of greatness. Lots of love for a great range of options in terms of weave and colors.
• Didymos, the first wrap brand. Pretty much anyone can find a Didy to love as they come in all varieties. No one thing can describe all Didys; there are just two variables! I own several Didymos and have owned several that have since found new homes.

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Didymos plus size babywearing mom


4. ElleVill Wrap Baby Carrier

Plus Size Information
Tails 50cm long.  

Plus Size Babywearing Reviews
• Great for beginners, thin and soft! A wonderful option for plus size moms.
• Love my Ellevill wrap and my daughter does too.

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lEllevill Wraps Plus Size Babywearing mom

5. Ergobaby

Plus Size Information
Ergobaby carriers fit parents of most sizes!

Plus Size Babywearing Reviews
• Ergo is easy to use and the weight limits are high.
• I love the Ergo because my baby calms instantly when I wear him in it and I love that I can wear it front or back depending on the need. It's so comfy, too, and doesn't squish my large breasts!
• Ergo is perfect for plus-sized mamas and actually feels stable and supportive. It's just a few clicks before you're ready to go and is very user-friendly.

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lErgobaby Plus Size Babywearing mom


Plus Size Pregnancy Book

6. Gracie and Sam Handcrafted Carriers 

Plus Size Information 
The Tween Tot carrier fits up to a size 26 and additional length can be added to the waist strap for no additional charge. The mei tai style carrier's size limit can vary from size 18 – 26.

Plus Size Babywearing Reviews
As a larger mom, it was such a relief to not only feel like a carrier would fit but that I would feel comfortable wearing it for an extended period of time.

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lPlus Size Babywearing carriers Gracie and Sam mom

7. Infantino Carrier

Plus Size Information
Infantino is a popular option because they are affordable plus size baby carriers. The straps can be adjusted to allow for different size parents with the buckle carrier pictured below. The Tie Baby Carrier design also works for many plus size parents. 

Plus Size Babywearing Reviews
• I love our Infantino because it has really grown with our baby, plus my husband and I can both wear it. We take our baby on errands, hiking, chores around the house, everywhere in it!
• We love our Infantino it keeps baby close, fits me well, and versatile enough dad can wear her too!
• I love our Infantino! I'm a size 18 and have plenty of room left in the straps. My little man loves this carrier too. The only complaint is I wish the shoulder straps were wider.

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lInfantino Plus Size Babywearing mom

8. Maya Wrap

Plus Size Information
The large should fit people of most sizes.  

Plus Size Babywearing Reviews
Maya wrap is great for plus size mamas because it's adjustable, comes in different sizes, and is comfortable!
• The Maya wrap is inexpensive and the xl gives me plenty of tail left over.
• Maya wrap all the way! Super comfy and convenient. Small and portable. Pocket makes taking off nearly empty-handed totally possible. Daddy friendly and good for newborn thru the duration of toddlerhood.

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lMaya wrap Plus Size Babywearing mom

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9. Mei Tai Baby

Plus Size Information
The optional snap tab extender is available for those who would like incremental adjustability.

Plus Size Babywearing Reviews
• Love my Mei Tei. But as a plus sized mommy with large breasts, I have a tough time double wrapping the straps like they were designed to.
• I loved my Mei Tai for my babies. It was a great wrap because I'm a big girl and hubby is not so big but it is easy for both of us to use and very secure for baby to be in.
• Mei Tei is simple and easy to use and adjust. Not very comfortable for heavier babies. Easy to nurse in. Not having padded straps makes for long-wearing uncomfortable.

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lMei Tai Baby Plus Size Babywearing mom

10. Moby Wrap

Plus Size Information
The Moby Wrap is 5.5 meters long and will fit larger parents. When wrapping, you would simply tie a knot at your back. For our customers who prefer extra length, an extra-long Moby Wrap (6 meters) can be purchased.

Plus Size Babywearing Reviews
• We loved the Moby when our son was younger! It had a nice stretch for maximum comfort but was also secure. It's a great alternative to carrying a bucket seat everywhere!
• Moby Wrap takes the pressure off and evenly distributes baby's weight on your body. It has many positions.
• Loved my Moby Wrap when my son was a sleepy newborn. I was worried that it wouldn't fit at first (I am a size ~26), but it fit with some extra fabric even!

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lMoby Wrap Plus Size Babywearing mom

11. Tula Baby Carriers

Plus Size Information
Tula Baby is one of the most popular plus size baby carrier options. There is a lot of adjustment in the straps to allow for different size parents. Be sure to review the measurements for the type of carrier you're interested in purchasing.

Plus Size Babywearing Reviews
 I'm a size 22/24 and LOVE my Tula. I even have extra room with the straps.
• Tula is the most comfortable carrier I own.
• I own many carriers but my Tula is my go-to!

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lTula Baby Carriers Plus Size Babywearing





If your head is spinning from all of the options above or you just want to save money you can try out the DIY approach. Google “Homemade” or “DIY” babywearing and you'll see lots of great suggestions.

Plus Size Babywearing

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