What’s a B Belly?

What’s a B Belly?

A B Belly, also known as plus size pregnancy double belly, is something many pregnant women have but it doesn’t get talked about very often.  It’s when your belly has a “waistband” in the middle, so the belly gets “divided” between the top and the bottom. When you stand to the side it looks like a B rather than a D during pregnancy. This far more common during a plus size pregnancy and women who have “muffin tops” usually get a B Belly during pregnancy.  It’s normal and if you have a B Belly you’re not alone!


What about maternity clothes and having a B Belly?

Well, this can be a little challenging.  “Most maternity clothing is meant to cling to your rounded belly. It’s meant to accentuate your belly, not hide it.  This means that every piece of maternity clothing from stores like Target fits me like a second skin. It’s AWFUL.” – The Curse of the B Belly.

Belly bands are one of the best ways to conceal a B belly! Combine that item with plus size maternity dresses (that are flowy below the bust area) or plus size babydoll tops and you’re almost always guaranteed to look pregnant without emphasizing the B.

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Does a B Belly ever become a D Belly?

Some women joke that they are ready to deliver when their B becomes a D.  Though with that said, some women never get to experience a complete D belly.  This can be quite disappointing but it’s all about perspective…many women wouldn’t care about the shape of their body or how many stretch marks they got just for the opportunity to be pregnant.

Will my labor and birth be different because of my B Belly?

Having a B Belly doesn’t have an influence on labor or the type of birth you’ll have.  However, women with a larger lower abdominal area will need to take special care when recovering from a c-section.  We have care instructions within this article, C-section for Plus Size Women.

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In the spirit of sharing that having a B Belly is just a variation of normal, women from the Plus Size Mommy Memoirs Facebook page shared photos of themselves for the video below…

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