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What’s A B Belly? Let’s Talk About It!

Having a B belly in pregnancy, also known as plus size pregnancy double belly, is something many pregnant people experience but it doesn't get talked about very often.

What does B Belly mean?

When you stand to the side, if your bump looks like a B rather than a D – you have a B belly. 

We're answering your questions and talking all about having a plus size pregnant belly! 

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plus size woman with a B belly

Plus Size Pregnant Belly

When you're plus size and pregnant it can take a lot longer to show. Often your belly doesn't the look way you thought it might. 

We know it can be disheartening when the shape of your pregnancy bump isn't what you imagined – please know you're not alone! 

What causes a B belly?

When your stomach has a “waistband” in the middle, so the belly gets “divided” between the top and the bottom – it's a B belly or double belly. 

There are a few reasons why someone might have a stomach that looks divided.

If you spend a little time researching online, you'll read a lot of people on message boards venting about having a double belly. Some blame their B belly on wearing pants that are too tight. 

It often has more to do with their fascial health (fascial is a band of connective tissue beneath the skin).

Diastasis Recti can also change how your stomach looks.

During pregnancy, your abdominal muscles and connective tissues (facial) become very stretched with your growing uterus. This can cause your stomach to stick out when the space between your left and right stomach muscles has widened. 

If you have an apron belly, a lower belly area that hangs down, that can also give you a divided stomach. 

What is a B belly in pregnancy?

So you might be wondering, will I have a B belly during pregnancy?

Having a B shaped stomach is far more common when you have an overweight pregnant belly.

People who have “muffin tops” usually get a B belly during pregnancy.

Know that carrying part of your bump high and part of your bump low is totally within the realm of “normal” and healthy.

You are not alone if you have a B belly in pregnancy! 

If you start noticing any swelling, tenderness, or discomfort on the lower part of your stomach, be sure to let your care provider know because it can be a sign of edema.

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Plus size woman with a b belly double belly

What maternity clothes to wear when you have a B belly?

This can be a little challenging because any form-fitting top or dress will show the shape of your belly.

Belly bands are one of the best ways to conceal a B belly!

Head to my post about the best plus size maternity support belts to learn more.

Combine a belly band with plus size maternity dresses (that are flowy below the bust area) or plus size babydoll tops and you're almost always guaranteed to look pregnant without emphasizing the B.

Does having a B belly affect pregnancy?

Beyond the appearance of your stomach, having a B belly doesn't affect pregnancy. It also doesn't have an influence on labor or the type of birth you'll have. 

People with a larger lower abdominal area will need to take special care when recovering from a c-section. We have care instructions within this article, C-Section for Plus Size Women.

Will my B belly become a D belly?

Does a B belly go away during pregnancy? 

Some women joke that they are ready to deliver when their B becomes a D.

With that said, when it comes to pregnant belly shapes, some women never get to experience a complete D belly.

This can be quite disappointing.

Yet, there are countless people who wouldn't care about the shape of their body or how many stretch marks they got just for the opportunity to be pregnant.

Are pregnancy B bellies normal?

Yes! It's completely normal to have a b belly before, during, and after pregnancy.

Let's hear from people about their plus size pregnant belly! 

When I got pregnant not only did I learn to embrace my body but I owned it. I lost all sorts of modesty and showed it off like it was nothing. I even had my first ever professional photos of myself done. And if I say so myself I was proudly a plus-sized pregnant goddess. – Courtney 

I always thought that I would have that cute little D belly that regular girls have until I realized I wasn't regular, and that was okay. I was growing life inside me. – Kayla

Wow! I just thought I had a fat pregnant belly – I feel a little less alone knowing a b belly is pretty common. – Sarah 

I was so concerned that I would never actually look pregnant. I came to the decision that, it took me 9 long years for this little miracle to happen, I wasn't going to let having a B belly get me down.

During the middle of my 3rd trimester, I FINALLY looked pregnant. During my whole pregnancy, I just wore leggings pulled up over my belly and maternity skirts. – Kimberly

Belly band and full panel pants worked wonders! – Gabby

I have a B belly. My lower “flab” seems to just be hanging further down as I get bigger. I didn't start looking or feeling pregnant until about 30 weeks.  – Brandie

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Support bands are great for shaping. They also relieve a great deal of pelvic pain. I love Belevation support underwear. – Betsy

I had a b belly, but it wasn't too noticeable in the clothes I wore. I only put 5 pounds on during my pregnancy so, besides not wearing maternity jeans, I practically just wore my normal clothes.

Being pregnant totally changed how I view my body and that my body is able to do amazing things.  – Emily

I wore a lot of babydoll styled tops and remembered that I was growing a miracle! – Rachel

Ladies embrace this beautiful time. I truly regret not embracing my plus size pregnancies and now that my girls are older they ask to see photos of me when they were in my belly and I have so very few to share. It breaks my heart. – Jennifer

Whats a B belly
Remember that if you have a b belly, it's just a variation of normal.

Pregnancy bumps come in all shapes, sizes, and colors…and all bumps should be celebrated!

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Tuesday 19th of April 2022

I was more concerned about my B belly because I wanted a nice D belly for my maternity pics. Around 8 months I finally got my D belly.Just in time for my pics. But even if I didn't it was a blessing to be pregnant after 2 years of trying and one miscarriage.


Monday 2nd of May 2022

I'm so happy for you!


Tuesday 14th of December 2021

My belly is 21 weeks pregnant. The underside of the navel is soft and hangs down. When will the belly be rounded?


Wednesday 19th of January 2022

It's different for everyone, and for some, it never becomes fully round. BUT the important thing is what's going on inside of your body. You're growing a baby - and that's amazing!


Tuesday 25th of August 2020

I am not plus size and insinuating that women who have a B belly are is super insulting.


Tuesday 25th of August 2020

Hi Brynn, I sure didn't write this with the intention to offend people who aren't plus size. This blog, Plus Size Birth, is written just for plus size people addressing the issues they face during pregnancy.

Having a B belly during pregnancy can happen to people of all sizes, and the information within this article shares why you might be experiencing it from fascial health to Diastasis Recti.

Amira D Al-Harazi

Saturday 25th of January 2020

I embrace it! I’m growing a life inside of me. The only thing I don’t like is the history of pre elampsia which even effected me when I was thinner.

Lethesia Southard

Tuesday 7th of January 2020

I am so glad found this site! This is my first pregnancy and it was so refreshing to see I wasn't alone in having a B Belly. My Belly being solid up top and more fat at the bottom had me so worried that something was wrong with me.I literally grabbed my bump and smiled THANK YOU!