This is a paid promotional blog post and I also received products for this review. If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know that I’m very selective about the products I talk about. It has to be something I’d personally use or something my family would honestly add to our lives. You can read my disclaimer policy to learn more and know that Maty’s now has a very special spot in our medicine cabinet and we use these products with confidence!


In 2001, a movie called Bubble Boy came out and I thought it was pretty silly. Years later I became a mother, and the idea of keeping my son in a plastic bubble to protect his immune system seemed like a brilliant idea. I remember the first time Braeden got really sick and I went onto to Dr. Google (always a terrible idea) to research his symptoms and what I should do. Within a few minutes, I was convinced he had something akin to the swine flu. I immediately called a nurse hotline. After I answered a series of about 10 questions, a very kind nurse assured me that my worst fears were far from true.

As time passed, I stopped fearing every sneeze and sniffle and started learning about essential oils and more natural ways of keeping my son healthy. So when a company called Maty’s Healthy Products approached me to learn more about their line of natural products, I was very open-minded.

The photo below, of Maty’s Organic Cough Syrup, is the number one reason why my family now uses natural healthy products…

Switched to Natural Healthy Products

Notice anything? Every word on their ingredients list is something you can pronounce and are all organic. Their products are also gluten free, dairy free, and alcohol free. Honestly, if I had skills in the kitchen and time on my hands, this is something I could have concocted myself!

Why does this matter?

Stop reading this article right now so you can head into your bathroom and start reading labels on the medications you’re putting into your kid’s body. It’s scary what’s lurking in our homes and what products we’ve been led to believe are safe for ourselves and our loved ones.

A recent example most moms remember is that in January of 2014, Johnson & Johnson reformulated their shampoo to remove formaldehyde. Yup, formaldehyde. And this only came after a massive outcry on social media essentially demanding that they remove this particular nasty poison from their products.

I really encourage you to go to the natural product area of your local grocery store and check out Maty’s Healthy Products. Their organic cough syrup tastes great and is for everyone above the age of 1. It coats your throat and doesn’t have that icky chemical cough syrup aftertaste. Their natural vapor rub is for people 2 and older and it’s my favorite product of theirs. It’s powerful stuff, smells amazing, and is truly soothing. Plus, it doesn’t contain petroleum like my previous go-to Vicks brand does.

As if being all natural isn’t reason enough of an incentive to run out and buy the whole line of products, a mom whose daughter was born with severe heart defects developed Maty’s. She needed more natural ways to strengthen her daughter’s health and wasn’t finding them, so she made them herself – go mom!

You can learn more about Maty’s Healthy Products by going to their website, Maty’s Healthy Products and checking out their social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest).

Let’s face it, keeping our kids in a bubble or creating our own medicinal goodies in the kitchen isn’t realistic, but taking the time to read labels on the products we give them is completely doable!

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