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Plus Size Breastfeeding Resources

Breastfeeding is the most natural act between a mother and child, but it isn’t always easy to master. That’s why we have this page full of helpful plus size breastfeeding resources, inspiring photos, and stories to help you throughout your breastfeeding journey.

One of the most important resources you can tap into is connecting with a highly trained lactation consultant, an IBCLC. Studies show working with an IBCLC can improve plus size breastfeeding outcomes above all other interventions. We can't recommend connecting with a local IBCLC enough!




Honest & Raw Stories from Breastfeeding Moms

Mom Approved Plus Size Nursing Pillows

The Best Plus Size Nursing Pillows

Breastfeeding is the most natural act between mother and baby and yet it's not always the easiest. Tools like plus size nursing pillows and support like an IBCLC can make a BIG impact.

Boobs Babies

Boobs, Babies, and Ridicule: Shamed For Breastfeeding In Public

This is about boobs, babies, and ridicule…Breastfeeding mamas are faced with ridicule far too often for the simple act of feeding their children. Last night I was excited to receive the stunning photo you'll see below until I started reading the message that came with it. This poor mama was not only harassed for breastfeeding in public but also for being plus size.