Body Love

For far too long women have been taught that our bodies are broken. That we aren’t good enough. This ends now because hating your body takes way too much energy and leads to unhealthy choices. Your body isn’t broken. Your body is amazing! Make the decision to love your body starting today by reading some of our top love articles, books, and videos. These resources body love will support you throughout motherhood!



Causing a Stir with My Plus Size Boudoir Milk Bath Photo Shoot

My body, a plus size body I’ve worked incredibly hard to embrace (and still work to love but no longer hate), needs to be represented! So I packed my big girl (black lace) undies, three different plus size lingerie options, and a black dress that makes me feel gorgeous. I placed two bottles of champagne (AKA liquid courage) in the fridge to chill and headed to bed feeling ready to be a plus size boudoir milk bath model.

An Adult Smash Cake Photo Shoot & Body Love Story

Adult Smash Cake Photo Shoot l l Over the past few years baby's first birthday smash cake photo shoots have become all the rage. And like anything that becomes popular, many variations come to be. I couldn't be more in love with Rachel's adult smash care photo shoot!...

The Stand for Self Love with Amy Pence-Brown

You might not know her name but you’ve probably seen a video of her stripped down to a black bikini in an outdoor market and having people drawl a heart on her body – The Stand for Self Love or as it was first named A Stand for Self Love! Amy Pence-Brown joins us to talk about how this public performance art piece completely transformed her life (and the lives of those who witnessed it).

7 Tips for a Body Positive Life

Living a body positive life can be challenging. There’s so much pressure from society telling us that we’re not good enough. Today I grant you permission to start blocking out those messages and start loving yourself and your body.

I’m Beauty, Not a Beast

Growing up in the 1980’s I was slightly obsessed with the show Beauty and the Beast. The beast, played by Ron Perlman, loved Halloween. It was the only day of the year he could go out in public without people mocking him or becoming terrified.

Below are body love books that have the ability to transform your life! Jen McLellan, founder of this website, is the co-author of The Peachie Moms Guide to Body Love for Moms and has a guest essay within the popular body positive book, Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls: A Handbook for Unapologetic Living.


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