This was a year of incredible women breaking down barriers that society has placed in front of us.  Here’s my list of the top 5 body image inspiration moments of 2013.

Jes Baker


Jes proved that one woman can stand up to a CEO of a major corporation and win!

“The juxtaposition of uncommonly paired bodies is visually jarring, and, even though I wish it didn’t, it causes viewers to feel uncomfortable. This is largely attributed to companies like yours that perpetuate the thought that fat women are not beautiful. This is inaccurate, but if someone were to look through your infamous catalog, they wouldn’t believe me.”  TO: MIKE JEFFRIES, C/O ABERCROMBIE AND FITCH

Chrystal Bougon

Chrystal changed our perception of what a woman looks like in lingerie and helped countless women to love their regular bodies.

“You never know who you might touch. Who you might help. Whose life you may change when they see they are NOT the only woman with cellulite, rolls, scars, saggy breasts or stretch marks.  Life is NOT photoshopped.”  Ever See a Regular Woman in Lingerie?

Teresa Porter

Teresa encouraged us to come out from behind the camera and be photographed.

“Can we agree to put the value of family over the value of fat? Can we just accept that the weight you’ve been trying to lose for 5 years might actually just be a part of what you look like . . . and that if this magical day does come when you’re acceptably thin you’ll STILL regret not having any pictures of you with your kids from ages 5 – 10? Can we acknowledge that the insecurities we have in our heads will never be a part of how our children, husbands, and friends see us? Can we just please let our loved ones remember the YOU they love?”  So You’re Feeling Too Fat To Be Photographed

Tess Munster

Tess taught us to find our naked bodies alluring.

“Our bodies tell a story, and everyone’s journey is different, everybody is different, unique, and exquisite. The only problem is that not everyone one respects that or comprehends that we don’t have to all look like a cookie cutter or perfect picture of “health”. We have so many forces around us that try and influence us otherwise- Why be our own worst enemy?”  How I Learned to Love My Fat, Naked Body

Virgie Tovar

Virgie proved that in order to have a bikini body, you just have to put on a bikini on your body.

“I wear this fatkini in the name of my former self and in the name of all the people who feel they must hide, who feel they aren’t entitled to wear what they want, who live in a shame that they were taught.” 10 Reasons I Love my Fatkini 

That’s my top 5 but there are countless others who inspired me this year; Taryn BrumfittRagen Chastain, Golda Poretsky, Kimberly Seals AllersBrittany Gibbons, Pamela Vireday, and January Harshe to name a few. I’m eager to see who will teach us to love our bodies even more in 2014.

Who inspired you in 2013?  Let me know in the comments below.

And don’t ever forget, “It doesn’t matter what size you are, what color you are…you can do whatever, whatever, whatever, you put your mind to.” – Amber Riley


Come see Jes Baker, Tess Munster, Chrystal Bougon and many others including yours truly present at the Body Love Conference in Tucson, AZ on April 5th.

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