When Ivette posted a photo of herself belly dancing while pregnant on the Plus Mommy Facebook page, I contacted her right away. I wanted to hear all about her experience and see more photos. Thank you Ivette for sharing your story of belly dancing while pregnant with your baby boy Ivan Manuel.

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Belly Dancing Before And After Pregnancy

When I found out I was pregnant, the troupe I dance with (Eastern Jewels from Alegria dance studio) was getting ready for a shimmy mob
I was a bit frustrated because I was getting tired way too fast and my breast we're getting bigger. As soon as the home test came positive I was super happy but sad at the same time.
I thought that being plus size and pregnant would hold me back from dancing, I was mistaken!!
It actually made my moves more beautiful because belly dancing and with a baby growing in my belly empowered me. Physically I would get tired and I couldn't do some moves (like full lay backs or heavy floor work) but I was able to keep up with class.
It kept my core pretty strong so back pains weren't too bad (considering I gained 55lbs).  I had water retention but it wasn't that bad either until 4 weeks before giving birth. When doing some moves it felt funny, specially doing belly rolls, my son would kick back!!! All the shimmy-ing and dancing would rock him to sleep.
When the day of giving birth came I was 38 1/2 weeks. All the dancing paid off, I was able to control my breathing, pain, and contractions, making moves we did in class (like figure 8 and maya). 
I had an epidural and even though I couldn't feel much, I knew how to control my core so I was able to push. 
Sadly at the last minute, I had a complication and had an emergency c-section (baby looked up).
Having a strong core helped me to heal pretty good. Twenty-three days after giving birth, and with the doctor's ok, I was dancing again.
Belly dancing is a great workout before, during and after pregnancy; keeps your core strong, empowers you, makes you feel sexier (yes! a belly covered in glitter is awesome!). 
I was blessed to have the opportunity to share the joy of my child growing through dance; in each performance, I could feel how strong and big he was getting!
Pregnant belly dancing

Belly Dancing is one of the many ways that you can stay active throughout your pregnancy. See more suggestions in the video below. 



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