Stop Feeling in the Dumps

Are you feeling in the dumps? If so, you sure aren’t alone! Here are 5 tips to turn that frown upside down.

Leave You in the Dumps1. Help Your Tummy
Nothing quite clears you out like a Squatty Potty does. Before we go there though, if you’re like me with constant “tummy issues” then I really encourage you to look into probiotics.

Probiotics, often called “good” or “helpful” bacteria, are just that – live bacteria that’s beneficial for keeping your gut healthy. They can be taken in different forms from pills to delicious fruit smoothly concoctions you can find at fancy stores like Whole Foods or even at Walmart (I kid you not).

Speaking of stomach issues, being gluten free isn’t just a fad. It’s a true issue and one that was recommended for my mother who was diagnosed with celiac disease this year. She informed me that this disease is hereditary so I’m getting tested at my next doctor’s visit (that is, once I find a size friendly care provider in my area). Celiac disease can also have an impact on fertility but that isn’t talked about often. So if you have any concerns, talk to your care provider at your next visit too.

Oh, and I wasn’t kidding about that Squatty Potty. I really recommend investing in one!

2. Nourish Yourself
Now that you’re getting things moving smoother, and feeling less in the dumps, keep on that path of really listening to what your body wants when it comes to food. Millions of us look to the New Year as a time to set ridiculous expectations for ourselves – and I’m not just talking about the go-to “weight loss goals.”

“Starting Monday, I’ll only feed my family organic food.”
Riiiiight….by Sunday you’ll find yourself in line at the McDonald’s drive-thru because if the kids say “nuggets” one more time you’re going to rip your hair out. Later that night you’ll feel like a complete failure over a few nuggets dipped in sweet and sour sauce. And thus begins the cycle of self-sabotage.

Let’s try a re-do…

“Starting Monday, I’ll get the kids involved with meal planning and cooking each week. We’ll set a realistic schedule! We’ll buy food our budget can sustain while making an effort to bulk up on fruit, veggies, and protein.”
By Sunday the kids will be excited because it’s meal planning and food prep night for the week. Lots of special time with mommy and family dinner at the table with no screen time!

And hey, maybe even that re-do is still too high a standard for you right now. That’s okay too. Focus on doing things that nourish your body without placing added stress on yourself and your family.

3. Shake your groove thing!
Move your body in whatever way feels good to you! I wrote a fun article on different ways to stay active during a plus size pregnancy but they still apply perfectly when you’re not pregnant. So join me in adding some movement, if you’re not active already, into your life. Movement releases feel-good chemicals, endorphins, in your brain. Endorphins are amazing because they make you feel incredible, sleep better, and keep your body more regular (in many aspects).

7 Plus Size Pregnancy Exercise Tips

4. Remove Clutter = Find Happiness
In 2014 the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up came out and people broke out in a cult-like state of de-cluttering their homes. While the book is a little woo-woo, by asking you to hold each object and decide if it brings you joy or not, the concept is golden.

No, my son’s 675 Lego sets don’t bring me joy as I have stepped on more of those darn little Lego pieces than I’d like to recall. However, finding inexpensive organizing bins and limiting Lego minefields brings me unexplainable joy!!!

So clear out (i.e. donate or sell) the stuff you don’t use, organize the items that always seem to be getting in the way, and find happiness in a more organized environment.

5. Sometimes your shit will stink, and that’s okay!
Each time I focus on improving aspects of my life I tend to go all-in. Then, eventually, I’ll have a slip-up (you know – ‘cause nuggets with sweet and sour sauce sometimes truly hit the spot).

Allow yourself moments of imperfection! Don’t punish yourself if things don’t always go the way you intend. Still, you can occasionally try covering up your dumps with some Poo-Pourri because that stuff really works!!

So there you have it, here’s to a less dumpy week ahead by taking a daily probiotic, nourishing your body with delicious food, dancing like nobody is watching, de-cluttering to a state of bliss and not being so hard on yourself when life gets in the way, because it will.

Wishing you good health and happiness!


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