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To some plus size maternity photography is just the act of having photos taken. To others, it’s an experience that impacts their self-confidence for a lifetime! Sadly, many plus size women don’t have maternity photos taken. So people within the Plus Mommy community are coming forward in hopes of inspiring others with their plus size maternity photography stories!

Below you’ll read Moriah’s experience with her milk bath maternity photo shoot and then hear from her photographer Laura of Hazle Moon Photography

milk bath photos plus size woman

I’m so thrilled with how the photos turned out. I really couldn’t love them anymore. While I was excited about the idea of a milk bath photo shoot when my photographer first suggested it, I was also incredibly nervous. I had a hard time finding similar shoots with women my size and was afraid they wouldn’t come out as well.

I’ve taken a lot fewer photos this pregnancy and have really struggled with accepting my apron belly and feeling beautiful this time around. I have a 4-year-old and haven’t made the time to cherish this pregnancy the way I did the first time.

Laura assured me she’d make me look awesome and I’m so glad I trusted her. She had all these gorgeous flowers and expertly advised me on the best poses and positions, we had a lot of fun.

It was so special to focus on this baby and to really honor such a sacred time in my life. I felt like a goddess.

I cried when I first saw the photos. I was blown away by the beauty she captured and felt so grateful for the life growing inside me. It was such a gift to see myself in that way, to really feel like a glowing radiant mama.

I’m a doula and I so easily find beauty in others, especially expecting mamas, but have not found it to be as easy with myself. I was so surprised by what a photo session like this could do, it has really boosted my confidence and truly encouraged me to be kinder to myself, to gift myself with acceptance and love.

It can be scary to be vulnerable and is often well worth it, it definitely was for me in this case.

I’m overflowing with gratitude for my incredibly talented photographer and friend Laura Hazelton and for my body for growing this beautiful baby.

– Moriah

plus size milk bath photo

plus size milk bath photography

plus size photography milk bath

milk bath maternity

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Let’s now hear from Laura of Hazle Moon Photography

The Pregnancy and postpartum periods are such a special time and deserve to be documented. I often meet women who express their regret at not having maternity portraits done and it goes by in a flash!

No matter what your size, a professional photographer can help you feel amazing about the experience.

Here are a few tips to get the most out of your shoot and ensure you end up with photos that you’ll treasure forever:


Everybody has them! Make sure you discuss any insecurities with your photographer before the shoot. I always ask my clients if there is any particular thing they don’t feel comfortable with, so I can be sensitive of this during shoots. No matter who I’m photographing, maternity photography is all about angles, and I use them to my advantage to make the most of client’s figures.


What you wear makes a huge difference in how your portraits will turn out. I advise my clients to avoid anything that is too tight around the belly to avoid lines and bumps. Fitted tops or flowy dresses are both great choices to emphasize that baby bump! I have a wardrobe of maternity dresses for my clients to use during sessions. These specialty dresses are specifically made for photo shoots and emphasize your beautiful bump.

7 Beautiful Plus Size Maternity Gowns for Parties and Pictures

Trust Your Photographer

Hopefully, you choose a photographer because you love their style and portfolio. During your session let them direct you and trust that they are going to capture the best “you.” Sometimes I let my clients know that a certain pose may feel a little awkward, but the end result will be amazing!

Be sure to check out Laura’s website, Hazle Moon Photography and her Facebook page


Other plus size maternity photography stories…

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“I have to admit when I first saw the pictures I was sad because I felt like they just looked like a pretty plus size lady, not a pretty pregnant lady.

It took me a few days to get over that and really look at them without being hypercritical of myself before I was willing to share them with my family and friends.

All of whom loved the pictures, and I even found out that it has inspired some of my other pregnant friends to take pictures.”

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“I’ve always been too ashamed to take photos with my son because of my weight.

We haven’t had pictures done since he was two. But I’ve started to love myself for who I am.

We had pictures done last Saturday and I’m so happy we did them.

He’s my miracle and I don’t want to look back and regret never taking a photo with him. This one is my favorite! Just wanted to share in case any other mommas have the same issue”

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“Today my husband made me take maternity photos…

I have not been a fan of my bump this pregnancy and I really didn’t want to but this is our first child together and he really wanted them.

He brought me 3 outfits I felt huge and hideous in all 3 but I picked one…did my hair and makeup and off we went.

No lie by the time we drove the 40 minutes to the private beach I was feeling much better…almost excited!

LOL we spent an hour taking photos in different locations and honestly between my husband and our photographers, I spent the whole hour feeling absolutely gorgeous! Ladies take those photos.

Love yourself. Feel beautiful.”

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“36 weeks pregnant …

Natasha made me feel more beautiful than I had ever felt before! I loved being pregnant!”

See even more inspiring plus size photography images and stories via the Plus Mommy Instagram page. 

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