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7 Beautiful Plus Size Maternity Gowns for Photoshoots

It’s been a little challenging to find gorgeous plus size maternity gowns…until now!

These days maternity photo shoots are all the rage, and the demand for maternity gowns has skyrocketed. We can blame social media for upping the ante on the basic bathroom baby bump selfie.

Beyond gowns for photo shoots, below you’ll see stunning plus size maternity dresses for baby shower celebrations (or mother blessing), formal events, or even a special date with your love. 

A maternity gown can do wonders when it comes to feeling beautiful during pregnancy.

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plus size maternity gown

The Best Plus Size Maternity Gowns 

1. Off The Shoulder Plus Size Maternity Gown

Sizes: XXS – 3XL (custom sizing available upon request)

This purple goddess is wearing an off-the-shoulder maternity dress from Etsy.

This gown makes you look like a million bucks and goes up to a size 3XL. If you need a larger size, you can message the shop your measurements for custom sizing.

This plus size maternity gown also looks gorgeous in blue

2. Pink Blush Maternity Gowns Plus Size

Sizes: XL – 3XL

Pink Blush is a popular website for moms-to-be looking for plus size maternity dresses for photoshoot opportunities (be it with a professional or your best friend).

This floral gown comes in sizes 1XL – 3XL.

Be sure to check out their clearance selection for great deals!

See more of Summer’s photos and read her birth story

3. Split Plus Size Maternity Dress

Looking for a dress that displays your bump for a photoshoot? This dress is a lovely option! 

If you’re thinking, ‘I could never show off my belly because it doesn’t look perfectly round,’ you’re not alone!

Many moms have a belly that’s shaped like a “B” (often called a B belly), but a good photographer can make your belly appear more like a “D” using creative angles and props.

Ask your prospective photographer about their experience photographing plus size people and request to see images from their portfolio in advance. And at the end of the day, embrace your belly, whatever size or shape it might be – as it’s the perfect home for your baby!

Sometimes pushing yourself out of your comfort zone in the form of a maternity photo shoot can shift how you feel about your body (as well as images you’ll cherish forever).

4. Infinity Plus Size Maternity Gown  

This peach gown is oh-so-pretty!

Best of all it’s a convertible dress. This means you can wear the dress in many different ways and giving it a different look each time. You’ll look stunning in your maternity photos and then you can wear this same dress a different way to your best friend’s wedding! 

l5. Plus Size Maternity Gown With Long Sleeves 

This beautiful maxi dress goes up to a size 6XL. Add some accessories like a floral crown and a faux mink stole to recreate this fairytale look.

“As I’ve said, especially if you’re plus-sized and wondering if you should get maternity pictures done, don’t let your size be your limitation!” – Camie

You can read all about Camie’s Whimsical Plus Size Maternity Photo Shoot and see more photos!

lThink outside the box when it comes to plus size maternity gowns…

lYou don’t have to be limited to maternity dresses just because you’re pregnant! Not only can you save a ton of money, but you’ll be able to wear these dress options well beyond pregnancy. Though let’s just be honest and say that many of us moms still wear some of our favorite plus size maternity apparel years after pregnancy is over!

6. Plus Size Maxi Maternity Gown

Plus size maxi dresses are perfect to wear before, during, and after pregnancy!

The dress pictured below is by POSESHE and is available on Amazon. That makes this dress not only adorable but also affordable. Plus it comes in over a dozen colors and patterns.   

Maxi dresses are easy to dress up with jewelry or dress down with a cute plus size jean jacket.

Best of all, maxi dresses are far more affordable than plus size maternity gowns. 

7. Your Own Closet + Fabric 

This mom-to-be is wearing a black plus size maxi dress from her closet plus some purchased fabric to complete her head-turning look.

You can do the same and you’ll be surprised how many of your own non-maternity clothes will last well into pregnancy.

We hope these seven plus size maternity gowns have inspired you to splurge on a fancy dress to wear for maternity photos.

You can wear the same gown for your baby shower and feel like a goddess. Or just wear it while relaxing on the couch eating pickles and binge-watching Netflix shows!

See even more plus size maternity dresses that work great for photoshoots! We even have a selection of plus size maternity wedding dresses.

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