Let’s face it, it’s hard enough to find cute plus size clothes let alone plus size maternity clothes. Have no fear because I have you covered! Scroll down and you’ll see a video for finding plus size maternity clothes and then you’ll see my top plus size maternity must haves. We should all be able to look cute without going broke during pregnancy!


Jen’s Top 9 Plus Size Maternity Clothes Must Haves!

1. Undies! Okay, some women like their plus size maternity underwear and there’s nothing wrong with that. I just prefer wearing plus size boy short underwear because I like to look cute while feeling comfortable at all times! Plus I’m on a budget and boy short undies last throughout pregnancy and beyond.

2. I sure recommend picking up a wrap nursing sleep bra as I shared in the video. When it comes to selecting a nursing bra, this plus size nursing bra goes up to a size X-Large Double Plus that fits up to a size 42 – 46 E – G. Not only is it functional, it’s also super comfy! For even more plus size nursing bra options click here.

3. While this wasn’t included within the video, all plus size maternity lists should include this plus size nursing tank that goes all the way up to a size 5XL and comes in 6 colors. It’s a unique design that allows you to lift up your shirt without exposing your belly while nursing or pumping.

4. Belly bands! If you’re feeling some back and belly aches, my boxer brief tip might not provide you with enough support. This belly band is my favorite and goes up to a size 26. Click here to learn more about the benefits of belly bands/maternity support belts and other brands. 

5. This is the must have of all plus size maternity must haves – plus size maternity jeans! As I shared in the video above, there’s just something about that band that makes you feel pregnant even if you’re not showing yet.

6. Go through your closet and pick out loose fitting dresses or hit up affordable stores, like Ross, that carry plus size flowy dresses. These dresses can be worn year-round! Just throw on a pair of plus size maternity leggings and a sweater during the cooler months.

7. I talk about plus size gaucho pants in the video but these days the go-to seems to be plus size maternity yoga pants, and I don’t think you can go wrong with either!! Comfy black pants, that you can dress up or down, are a necessity during pregnancy!

8. This tip is something you probably won’t see on most lists but it’s sure on mine – fuzzy socks! Swollen feet and pregnancy go hand-in-hand so why not treat your feet to something soft and comfy?!

9. #9 is a bonus tip! Swimming during pregnancy is a fabulous way to not only get in some great physical activity but also enjoy the benefit of feeling weightless. Pick yourself up a plus size maternity swim suit and then hit the pool (look out for indoor recreational centers during cold months).

Once you have the essentials above, you can raid your own closet!  You’ll be surprised how long you’ll be able to wear your own clothes. Yet, it’s also nice to treat yourself to a few cute plus size maternity tops. I hope you found these tips helpful and regardless of what you’re wearing, your beautiful pregnancy glow is the best accessory ever!

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