Let's talk about a BMI myth that needs to be addressed! Women are led to believe that they shouldn't become pregnant unless their BMI is under a certain number. There's this misconception that having a high BMI automatically means you'll have a high-risk pregnancy.

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Pregnancy BMI Myth

I'll never forget the conversation I had with my OB-GYN when I wanted to start a family. She pulled out the dreaded BMI chart and advised me to drop a ridiculous amount of weight before trying to conceive (TTC).

In return, I tried yet another crash diet and gained even more weight. Sound familiar?

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I firmly believe a person's BMI should not be the only indication of whether or not they are ready to start TTC. Overall health (physical and mental) is far more important!

A woman, regardless of her size, can be healthy and ready to start a family.

People of all sizes can have healthy plus size pregnancies!

Watch the video below to hear my story, and learn more about the BMI myth…

Below you'll see a video with our tips on how to have a healthy plus size pregnancy!



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Jen McLellan is a published author and founder of Plus Size Birth and the Plus Mommy blog. She helps people navigate the world of plus size pregnancy, shares tips for embracing your body, and laughs her way through the adventures of parenthood.
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