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How to Embrace Your Plus Size Baby Bump

The day I found out I was pregnant was also the day I developed a love/hate relationship with Google. I was so excited to see images of plus size baby bumps. I couldn't wait to learn about what my plus size pregnancy journey would be like and what my plus size pregnant belly would look like.

Sadly, I couldn't find a lot of plus size baby belly images via Google and most of the plus size pregnancy info was rather terrifying.

What I've come to learn is the importance of embracing my plus size baby bump…even if it took forever to pop!

Even when my dreams for a perfectly round belly never came true. I've learned that a B shaped belly is just as beautiful. 

Even when my hunt for plus size maternity clothes was incredibly limited – I found items that worked

An overweight pregnant belly is just as beautiful and just worthy of acceptance as a thin woman's bump.

The truth of the matter is whether your belly is perfectly round or never pops – you are pregnant.

You are growing life within you and your body is amazing! Embrace your bump today!  

Embrace Your Plus Size Baby Bump

The act of taking maternity photos (from the comfort of your living room or with a professional photographer) is part of embracing your bump and pregnancy. If not only for yourself but also for your children who will want to see these images.

Below you'll see gorgeous plus size pregnancy images and read inspiring stories!

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