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How to Embrace Your Plus Size Baby Bump

The day I found out I was pregnant was also the day I developed a love/hate relationship with Google. I was so excited to see images of plus size baby bumps. I couldn't wait to learn about what my plus size pregnancy journey would be like and what my plus size pregnant belly would look like.

Sadly, I couldn't find a lot of plus size baby belly images via Google and most of the plus size pregnancy info was rather terrifying.

What I've come to learn is the importance of embracing my plus size baby bump…even if it took forever to pop!

Even when my dreams for a perfectly round belly never came true. I've learned that a B shaped belly is just as beautiful. 

Even when my hunt for plus size maternity clothes was incredibly limited – I found items that worked

An overweight pregnant belly is just as beautiful and just worthy of acceptance as a thin woman's bump.

The truth of the matter is whether your belly is perfectly round or never pops – you are pregnant.

You are growing life within you and your body is amazing! Embrace your bump today!  

Embrace Your Plus Size Baby Bump

The act of taking maternity photos (from the comfort of your living room or with a professional photographer) is part of embracing your bump and pregnancy. If not only for yourself but also for your children who will want to see these images.

Below you'll see gorgeous plus size pregnancy images and read inspiring stories!

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My Plus Size Pregnancy Guide



Jen McLellan, CBE
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Saturday 17th of September 2016

I started at size 16 and I'm currently 13 weeks.. all I can think about is when I will finally start to show. I just feel fat with nothing to show for it except a few ultrasound pictures.. thankfully, I found this site and I am full of hope that I will get my baby bump!! Thank you!!!


Thursday 22nd of January 2015

I am 16 weeks and started as a size 18-20 i don't yet feel pregnant, to be honest i don't know what i thought it would feel like. I have always wanted to have a bump and look like i was having a baby and these pictures are so amazing! I can't wait to start showing properly and feel like a pregnant woman. We were having issues conceiving and then when i was ill and had to get my gallbladder removed the amazing happened and i got pregnant. Can't wait for this little one to arrive and i will definately be taking pics once my bump shows it's such an amazing time to document :-) you are all gorgeous ladies and i commend the man who commented.


Thursday 22nd of January 2015

Emma congrats on your pregnancy and I hope you'll share your photos with us.


Sunday 7th of December 2014

I am a size 16-18 and 260 pounds also pregnant with my second child. 6weeks and feeling huge so bloated I feel fat other then pregnant. Which is sad because this sould be a happy time but I just feel like something will go wrong so I looked and looked and finally found this site and I am so happy I did. All the story's have made me excited once again and proud of my body.


Monday 8th of December 2014

Oh this makes me so happy! I'm so glad this site has reminded you about how truly amazing and beautiful your body is!


Saturday 26th of October 2013

I cannot even describe how amazing finding this site has been for me. I've been plus sized my entire life. I am currently enjoying my third pregnancy. I sadly lost my 4 year old daughter two years ago and also had a still born son in May. I've spent these past 12 weeks of this pregnancy trying to be positive but am so scared at the same time. Finding this site this past week has put an entire new perspective for this pregnancy for me. Thank you so much all of u for posting all your beautiful stories and pictures! It has made me see how beautiful my body is again and how to embrace every single second.


Sunday 13th of October 2013

I noticed that all the commenters are women so I hope it's okay if I comment too. Each and every one of you look amazing,just so beautiful!!! Thank you so very much for sharing your beauty with all of us!!!!!