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Summer’s Birth Story: Controlled C-Section

The plan originally was to have a vaginal birth but I ended up having a controlled c-section. It was the right choice for me and this is my story… 

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Controlled C-Section Story

My husband and I tried for 3 years to have a baby.

I kept hearing, “if you would just lose some weight, you might not have a problem”.

What they didn't know is I suffer from PCOS and like many women with this terrible disease, tracking ovulation is nearly impossible.

Well, God works in mysterious ways because the week I started nurse practitioner school, we conceived our son!

When I finally reached my 8 week mark and went to my OB-GYN, he refused to continue to see me stating their “practice rule” was to not deliver a woman with a BMI over 40. My BMI was 42.

I am an active and healthy woman who just happens to be obese. I've never had any health concerns. I felt extremely judged by the doctors and other staff members. I have never felt more mistreated in my life. My husband had to be verbally restrained by yours truly so he wouldn't go off on everyone in the building.

We were the bigger people and peacefully walked away.

After several days of crying and wondering what I was going to do, I started making phone calls.

Again, God works in mysterious ways, I happened to call the office of Dr. Ernest Carlton. I believe I went through a terrible experience with my first physician so I could have a truly amazing experience with Dr. Carlton.

He is kind, full-figure friendly, and smart. He never once made me feel judged or less than human like my original OB-GYN. He made our experience exactly what we had imagined. He made my husband and I feel “normal”. The sensitive subjects that have to be discussed when you're obese and pregnant he approached in a tactful and caring way.

Summer's Birth Story- Controlled C-Section

Plus Size Birth Story Controlled C-Section

(Plus size maternity dress from Pink Blush

My family has a history of naturally bigger babies (10+lbers) and Dr. Carlton did not want me to go 40 weeks because of it. I didn't have gestational diabetes but he just thought it would be safer for Wyatt and I to induce at 38 weeks.

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The plan originally was to have a vaginal birth. I was to go to the hospital the night before for doses of Cervidil to help my cervix thin and dilate. The hospital was unable to admit me at the time Dr. Carlton wanted the Cervidil started. I didn't get admitted until later that next morning. Because of this, Dr. Carlton decided to skip the Cervidil and go straight to Pitocin.

After 10 hours and maxed out on the Pitocin, I had not dilated at all and was only about 50% thinned. Dr. Carlton was afraid that I would be in labor for too long and that Wyatt might be too big and get stuck in the birth canal.

He gave me the option to have a controlled c-section or break my water and continue to try to attempt a vaginal birth.

As a surgical nurse, I know that a controlled situation is much better than an emergency. I did not want to get into an emergency situation so I opted to go for the controlled c-section.

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Honestly, the nurse in me made that decision and made it was without hesitation. If I didn't have personal experience with medical emergencies gone haywire I might not have made that decision. I'm so glad I did because on ultrasound Wyatt measured 6lbs and 13oz on one estimate and 7lbs 2 oz on the other. He ended up being nearly 2 lbs heavier!

My beautiful 8lb 10 oz baby boy was delivered by an uncomplicated c-section and I remained, throughout the pregnancy and afterward, very healthy. I thank God every day for the events leading to me finding Dr. Carlton.

Women need to know that there are size friendly providers out there. Just because we are plus sized and pregnant does not mean we should settle for a physician that makes us feel less than human because of a number on a scale. 

My hope is that every plus size pregnant woman gets to feel confident with their provider!!!

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