Congratulations and welcome to Mommy Land. There are countless parenting philosophies but we believe the best way to parent is with love. Now is the time to follow your instincts!

The most important thing for you to read here is that you are not alone.

It’s so easy to feel isolated in motherhood but the reality is that we all feel like we aren’t mom enough, when we are indeed doing an excellent job. Join our community and feel supported. You can tap into our private Facebook community as well as our Facebook page that’s a community of over 178,000 plus size women supporting one another before, during and after pregnancy.

Below are some tips to help you survive the next forty minutes let alone the next forty years.

Share Your Birth Story! Write your birth story and share it with other plus size ladies. Send me a message and I can walk you through the process of sharing your birth story for the Plus Size Mommy Memoirs blog.
Feeling Blue? You’re not alone and it’s completely normal! According to one in eight women suffers from postpartum depression. It’s so important to seek support be it from your loved ones or online resources.
Breastfeeding Support! Connect with our plus size breastfeeding resources that will support and encourage success with breastfeeding! If you are unable to breastfeed Fearless Formula Feeder is a helpful resource. 
Take Care! Remember it took nine months to grow a baby and your body needs at least that much time to heal. Try your best to continue to care for your body the same way you did when you were carrying your child. Be kind to yourself and when you feel ready, connect with our site Plus Mommy for even more motherhood resources and a ton of body love. You can get our free 10 Steps To Body Love today!

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