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Jen McLellan

The day my son was born I not only became a mother but also developed a deep love for my body. After settling into motherhood I wanted to empower women find the strength and beauty within their bodies.

In April of 2011 I launched the Plus Size Mommy Memoirs blog, to help women navigate the world of plus size pregnancy, share tips for body love, and laugh along with the adventures of motherhood. My work has been featured in major publications such as Huffington Post, Everyday Feminism, and International Doula. I’ve also been an expert guest on HuffPost Live.

I’ve built a Facebook community of over 164,000 plus size women supporting one another before, during, and after pregnancy.

In early 2014 I became certified as a childbirth educator. My background in non-profit management and patient advocacy has enabled me to have a strong voice for women of size during pregnancy and childbirth. I share my message via speaking engagements and I’m excited to be rolling out classes in 2015. Be sure to signup for the Plus Size Birth e-newsletter to be kept up-to-date on exciting new developments.

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    4 Years Ago I Started Telling My Story

      On April 6, 2011 I published the article What is Plus Size Mommy Memoirs? and today I appeared on HuffPost Live. I honestly couldn’t have picked a better way to celebrate my 4 year blogiversary if I would’ve planned it. These past 4 years have been an amazing journey! I started off as a mom who wanted there to be another narrative about plus size pregnancy. A positive one! Now I’m still blogging weekly but I’m also a certified childbirth educator teaching classes to birth professionals on supporting plus size birth. I’m also traveling around the country speaking about...
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    3 Ways to Start Loving Your Body Today

    It has been a year since I became very active in the Body Love community. I’ve connected with so many amazing individuals who are all working towards helping people to love themselves. It’s pretty rad! Rachel Estapa, founder of More To Love, recently reached out to me. I have been a fan of her work and was delighted she also appreciates what I’m doing. We chatted on the phone and I felt like I was connecting with an old friend. I invited her to share some of her wonderful tips for loving your body within the guest post below. Please help me to welcome Rachel to...
  3. plussizebirth

    Obesity and Pregnancy: Time to change the Conversation

      On Sunday, the New York Times published Claire Putnam’s article Pregnant, Obese … and in Danger. Like most articles about obesity and pregnancy, it focuses on the increased risks and calls for care providers to have frank conversations with their patients about their weight. The reality of “health” and how plus size women are best supported, however, is much more nuanced. These conversations may very well have the opposite of the intended effect. The framework of such conversations must be one of compassion and support, rather than fear and shame. Studies have proven that when people of size are shamed...
  4. plussizebirth

    Call for Plus Size Pregnancy Photos

    When I was pregnant it was extremely difficult to find images of women who looked like me! I longed to find a photo of someone with a b belly and see other plus size pregnancy photos. I deeply desired to see the strength of a plus size woman in labor and giving birth. Now, 4 years later, I want to make sure I’m sharing lots of images of plus size women as I continue to expand the Plus Size Birth website, have public speaking engagements, and develop classes. This is where you come in! If you are a plus size woman with images you’d like...
  5. plussizebirth

    Body Love Blogger Struggling with Body Image

      The birthday girl in the photo above is my friend Grace from Acoma Street Photography. She thinks I’m beautiful. I realize a lot of people think I’m pretty, and that touches my heart, but Grace has photographed me nearly naked so her words sink in deep. Grace thinks my curvy fat body is something I shouldn’t be ashamed of and 90% of the time I agree. Yet, now is not one of those times because I’m currently struggling with body image. This body love blogger isn’t in love with her body. Two days ago I filmed myself talking openly about everything...
  6. plussizebirth

    Yoga for Back and Hip Pain During Pregnancy

    Back and hip pain during pregnancy is no joke and there’s a limit on how much Extra Strength Tylenol you can pop in a day. Warm baths and chiropractic care can help with this discomfort along with yoga. I have to admit, a few years ago I was nervous to try yoga. I knew I’d be the biggest person in the room and I wasn’t sure what my body was capable of doing. I’m so glad a friend dragged me to her favorite prenatal yoga class because it truly was a positive experience. Not only did it help with my hip pain during pregnancy,...
  7. plussizebirth

    New Target Plus Size Clothing Line Disaster

    Dear Target, I think we need to break up. You’re not listening to me (and nearly all plus size women) when it comes to your new Target plus size clothing line. Since when do plus size ladies want clothes that stick to our every curve? But I’m skipping ahead. Let’s talk about the good times because you used to make me feel amazing! I only wanted to wear your items to all my special events. I miss how things used to be. You went from carrying adorable dresses in many different prints, colors, and styles to pulling your entire plus size clothing...