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The Stand for Self Love with Amy Pence-Brown

You might not know her name but you’ve probably seen a video of her stripped down to a black bikini in an outdoor market and having people drawl a heart on her body – The Stand for Self Love or as it was first named A Stand for Self Love! Amy Pence-Brown joins us to talk about how this public performance art piece completely transformed her life (and the lives of those who witnessed it).

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The Birth Story of Jennifer Rue McLellan

I believe in my mother’s era there was a popular song with the lyric………”Love, Marriage, and then something about a Baby Carriage” and though after being the oldest child of four children who felt like she had already been a mom and therefore believing I did not want to have my own children, I arrived home from my honeymoon in July of 1978 with my hormones raging with those song lyrics playing over and over in my head!

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6 Pregnancy or Mother Blessing Gifts You Actually Want

I have to say, I’m not really a fan of traditional baby showers (even though, full disclosure, I totally had one). Truth be told, I didn’t use about 60% of the gifts I received, so I think a Mother Blessing (also called Blessing way) is the way to go. I mean, come on, when we’re having a baby, we are the ones who should be showered with love, receiving pregnancy or Mother Blessing gifts because we’re doing A LOT of work! And by work, I of course mean growing a tiny human!

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