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The Best Pregnancy Announcement Shirts For Couples [Up To 5XL]

Pregnancy announcement shirts for couples in inclusive sizing? Yes, finally!

Are you looking for a fun way to announce your pregnancy?

Do you have a couples-themed baby shower planned and are wondering what to wear?

Are you getting ready to take maternity photos and want a fun top to match with your loved one?

Whatever the reason, we've searched the internet to bring you the best pregnancy announcement shirts for couples up to size 5XL!

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Pregnancy Announcement Shirts For Couples

These fun pregnancy shirts for couples come in unisex sizing. So be sure to size up depending on when you plan to wear it during your pregnancy.

MAMA DADA Plus Size Shirts

Sizes: XS – 5XL

You're about to be a MAMA or a DADA, so you might as well wear your new label.

With lots of color options, these cute shirts also make for an excellent pregnancy gift.

And, for those with two Mamas in their family, these pregnancy announcement couple shirts are a perfect pairing because you pick and customize the design!

MAMA DADA Plus Size Shirts
MGDesign Etsy

Bun Maker Bun Baker Pregnancy Reveal Shirt

Sizes: XS – 5XL

Want a subtle way to surprise your family and friends with life-changing news? Then, this Bun Maker pregnancy announcement couple shirt is for you.

Available in many colors, there's one that will fit both mom and dad's tastes.

Bun Maker Bun Baker Pregnancy Reveal Shirt
LillieDimpleDesigns Etsy

Baby and Beer Belly Pregnancy Announcement Couple Shirts 

Sizes: XS – 5XL

This belly and beer pregnancy joke is a classic.

The attention-grabbing graphics, combined with the arrows pointing at both your bellies, will have your friends and family in hysterics!

MGDesign Etsy

We've even seen people make their own shirts. So, if you need sizing beyond 5XL, you can take a DIY approach with a plus size t-shirt and fabric markers.

Plus Size Holiday Pregnancy Announcement Shirts for Couples

The holidays are such a thrilling time to celebrate happy news, so here are some fun pregnancy announcement couples shirts you'll love!

Special Delivery From Cupid Plus Size

Sizes: XS – 4XL

How sweet are these “Just Call Me Cupid” and “Special Delivery From Cupid” shirts?

They'd make for an unforgettable Instagram post, especially around Valentine's Day!

Call Me Cupid plus size couples shirt
strongconfidentYOU Etsy

Halloween Skeleton Plus Size Shirt

Sizes: XS – 4XL

Speaking of holidays, planning to announce your pregnancy sometime around Halloween? Well, you're in for a treat!

These hilariously spooky Halloween Skeleton pregnancy announcement couple shirts will ensure that none of your family and friends forget about how you shared your good news.

Halloween Skeleton Plus Size Shirt
SummerBreezeTee Etsy

Halloween Pregnant Skeleton Plus Size Pregnancy Announcement Shirt 

Sizes: XS – 4XL

Here's another option for adorable Halloween-themed pregnancy announcement shirts.

With several color options available, you're sure to find a spooky fun vibe.

Halloween Pregnant Skeleton Plus-Size Pregnancy Announcement Couple Shirts
SummerBreezeTee Etsy

See our guides for even more Halloween graphic shirts and adorable plus size maternity costumes!

Thanksgiving Couples Shirt

Sizes: XS – 5XL

Dad can join in the fun with these matching Little Turkey pregnancy announcement shirts.

What a fun conversation you'll have around this year's Thanksgiving table!

plus size couples Thanksgiving shirt
ABCCraftDesignsCo Etsy

Oh Deer, I'm Pregnant Plus Size Shirt

Sizes: XS – 5XL

Can't think of what to wear for this year's holiday photos?

Then, these hilarious pregnancy announcement couple shirts are for you.

Nothing beats a good pun, and the “Oh Deer, I'm Pregnant” graphic is undoubtedly a funny one.

Thanks to these cute prints, your pictures this season will be unforgettable. And with sizing up to 5XL, most couples can have a jolly good time in these shirts!

plus size Oh Deer I'm Pregnant Shirt
MGDesign Etsy

Daddy Claus and Mommy Claus Plus Size Pregnancy Announcement Couple Shirts

Sizes: XS – 4XL

Looking for the perfect outfits to wear for family photos in front of the Christmas tree, then you've found them. And we sure agree, your bundle of joy is the best gift ever!

Daddy Claus and Mommy Claus Plus Size Pregnancy Announcement Couple Shirts
TheFatDaisy Etsy

Special Delivery From Santa Plus Size Maternity Shirt

Sizes: XS – 4XL

Now, this is a cheeky way to share the good news with your friends and family!

These pregnancy announcement couple shirts, “Just Call Me Santa” and “Special Delivery from Santa,” is simple but great fun.

Special Delivery From Santa Plus Size Maternity Shirt
TheSassyBride Etsy

See even more plus size pregnancy announcement shirts!

We have an ultimate guide to plus size maternity clothes and some of our favorite retailers below for even more adorable maternity options.

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