A “New” Plus Size Maternity Option – Torrid Maternity!

The struggle is real when it comes to finding cute (and affordable) plus size maternity options. So we’re thrilled to learn Torrid has expanded their popular plus size clothing line to include Torrid Maternity!

Plus Size Maternity Torrid Maternity

This Torrid maternity launch didn’t recently happen…we just missed the memo.

Torrid also hasn’t done a big marketing push to let people know about their maternity clothes – including keeping these options somewhat hidden on their website. 

It’s our hope a buzz builds quickly for this “new” Torrid Maternity line because when it comes to plus size maternity options, they are very limited.

With 60% of women in their childbearing years classified as overweight or obese, you’d think more brands would recognize an opportunity!

While Target has offered larger maternity options for years, maxing out at 2XL leaves a lot of people out. Old Navy also only goes up to a 2XL with their maternity options. 

Lane Bryant teased us with launching a plus size maternity line briefly but it didn’t last. Hopefully, this doesn’t happen to the Torrid maternity line!

Sites like Pink Blush are gaining popularity, offering many colorful prints and apparel. However, most of these brands max out 3XL.

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Torrid goes well beyond 3XL and has applied their standard sizing, all the way up to 6XL (size 30), to their Torrid Maternity line. Sadly, their maternity options are only available online. 

For now, we’ll take our small victories as Torrid maternity options are cute and often on sale. Let’s just hope the demand builds so Torrid will offer more items in colors beyond black (COME ON – TORRID).

Torrid Maternity Options

Plus Size Maternity Option - Torrid Maternity

Below we’ve highlighted our favorite options. Click on the images to learn more and explore what this Torrid Maternity line offers!

Black Maternity Cami

Maternity Cami

Black Crop Maternity Legging

Crop Maternity Legging


If you’re looking for even more plus size maternity apparel, we’ve got you covered!! For plus size maternity clothes, nursing bras, belly bands, swimsuits, and babywearing options click here.  

Where’s your favorite place to shop for plus size maternity clothes? Let us know in the comments below! 

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