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14 Adorable Plus Size Holiday Graphic Sweatshirts (Maternity, Too!)

Who decided holiday graphic sweatshirts, with all the cute prints and silly sayings, should max out at a size 2XL? That's ridiculous! I've searched the internet to bring you plus size holiday graphic sweatshirts and maternity options too!

From being a hit at an ugly sweater party to rocking cute plus size holiday graphic sweatshirts around town this festive season – we've got you covered with options up to 6XL!

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Plus Size Holiday Graphic Sweatshirts

Top Picks For Plus Size Holiday Graphic Sweatshirts

1. Off Shoulder Oversized Sweatshirt Christmas Pullover

This adorable reindeer off the shoulder sweatshirt comes in red, black, and white.

It goes up to a 3XL but is oversized so can be accommodating for larger sizes depending on how you like the fit. 

2. Behave Yourself Plus Size Ugly Christmas Sweater 

‘Tis the season for a little mistletoe!

Pair this fun sweater with your favorite pair of jeans or plus size leggings for your festive celebrations!

This sweater comes in 13 different prints and goes up to a size 5XL

3. Pug Plus Size Ugly Christmas Sweater

Whether you're a dog person or a cat person, there's a plus size “ugly” (we think this is adorable – don't you) sweater waiting for you with quite a few different print options that go up to size 5XL.

Hurry! We're sure these will sell out! 

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4. Christmas Cat Plus Size Sweater 

Don't worry cat people, we sure didn't forget about you!

We've got you covered with cute kittens with this Christmas cat plus size sweater!

Pair this with a red plus size skirt and you'll be the cat's meow at your holiday party. 

5. Baby It's Cold Outside Plus Size Sweatshirt 

This holiday classic song makes a dazzling fun sweatshirt. It comes in sizes 16 – 32 with a few different holiday designs

6. All I Want For Christmas Is Wine Plus Size Sweatshirt

When it comes to cute plus size ugly christmas sweaters, this is a favorite of ours. 

Wear this sweatshirt, that goes all the way up to a size 5XL, to your next virtual holiday party or book club meeting. 

7. Naughty Or Nice Plus Size Ugly Christmas Sweater 

Have you been naughty or nice? Make a statement with this holiday sweater that goes up to size 5XL. 

It's available via Amazon for easy returns.

8. The Perfect Man Plus Size Ugly Christmas Sweater 

Are you single or have a special single lady in your life? Or just love cookies? This “The Perfect Man” sweater goes up to a 5XL. 

9. Funny Plus Size Holiday Graphic Sweatshirts 

If you're looking to take first place at an ugly sweater party, then these funny plus size holiday graphic sweatshirts are your go-to! 

10. I Am Freaking Jolly 

We get it, not everyone loves the holidays! So for those of you who aren't very festive, and like setting healthy boundaries, this shirt is for you!

You can still get into the jolly spirit while making your sarcasm be heard loud and clear.

This freaking shirt comes in seven colors and goes up to a 5XL. 

I am frecking jolly plus size sweatshirt

11. Happy Llamakkah Plus Size Sweatshirt

Celebrate Hanukkah at your upcoming holiday festivities with this fun happy Llamakkah sweatshirt! It comes in eight different colors and goes to a 3X. 

Happy Llamakkah Plus Size Sweatshirt 

12. Don't Make Me Call Santa Plus Size Sweatshirt 

Keep those kids in line with this Don't Make Me Call Santa sweatshirt that comes in 12 colors and goes up to a size 4XL. 

Don't Make Me Call Santa Plus Size Sweatshirt

13. Santa Isn't The Only One Coming To Town Plus Size

Santa isn't the only one coming to town – and if you're expecting around the holidays you can share the news with this fun top!

This isn't a sweatshirt, but it sure is a fun top so we had to add it to our list. 

Santa Isn't The Only One Coming To Town Plus Size

14. Merry Christmas Baby

If you're pregnant and celebrate Christmas, this shirt is a must-have! It comes in multiple colors and goes up to a size 6XL.

Merry Christmas Baby plus size shirt


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