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Your Ultimate Guide to Beautiful Plus Size Pregnancy Photos

Here we're celebrating plus size pregnancy photos and encouraging people to have a plus size pregnancy photoshoot.

Discover expert tips on poses, tips for choosing size-friendly photographers, and see inspiring photos.

Regardless if you're ready to hire a photographer or take a DIY approach, don't miss out on capturing this amazing time in your life!

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plus size pregnant woman wearing a pink dress

It's common for plus size individuals to feel hesitant about photoshoots due to societal pressures and personal insecurities. We acknowledge these concerns and offer supportive strategies to overcome them, emphasizing the importance of seeing oneself represented in a positive, empowering way.

After all, pregnancy is a journey filled with wonder, anticipation, and transformation, experienced by individuals across the spectrum of body sizes and identities.

Capturing this time through plus size pregnancy photos offers a powerful way to celebrate and remember these moments.

Why Plus Size Pregnancy Photos Are Important

These photos are not just keepsakes; they're affirmations of the diverse beauty of pregnant bodies.

They challenge societal norms and offer representation, encouraging others in similar situations to embrace their body.

These photos boost self-esteem and foster a positive self-image during this transformative period by showcasing the beauty of all body types.

For example, follow the #plussizepregnancy hashtag on Instagram, and you'll be amazed. And while you're there, be sure to follow Plus Size Birth.

plus size pregnant woman wearing a purple dress

What to Wear for Your Plus Size Pregnancy Photoshoot

The great news is that there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to what to wear.

Your choice should be all about what makes you feel most comfortable and confident.

Here are some ideas and considerations to help you decide on the ideal attire for your photoshoot:

Plus Size Maternity Gowns

Many expecting mothers opt for maternity gowns as they exude elegance and can beautifully showcase your baby bump. Just like the one below from Pink Blush (goes to size 3XL).

woman in yellow maternity gown

If you choose this option, ensure that the gown is available in your size or inquire if the photographer can provide inclusive sizing.

Etsy's selection of plus size maternity dresses is actually one of the most inclusive options with custom sizing available for many of their plus size gowns.

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Maternity gowns come in various styles, from flowy and bohemian to form-fitting and glamorous, allowing you to express your unique style.

Flowy Dresses: Comfort and Grace

Flowy dresses, whether specifically designed for maternity or not, are a popular choice!

They provide comfort, ease of movement, and a touch of whimsy.

Consider solid colors or patterns that resonate with your personal taste and make you feel radiant.

Everyday Comfort: Your Favorite Attire

There's no rule that says you must wear a gown or a specific type of outfit for your maternity photoshoot.

If you feel most like yourself in your favorite jeans, a cozy sweater, or that beloved t-shirt, go for it!

The key is to wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident. These items of clothing can reflect your authentic style and personality, resulting in photos that truly capture the essence of who you are.

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Accessories and Props: Adding Personal Flair

Don't forget about accessories and props that can enhance your photoshoot.

Consider adding a flower crown, shrug, a sentimental piece of jewelry, or even a prop related to your pregnancy journey, like baby shoes or ultrasound images. These personal touches can make your photos even more meaningful.

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Coordination with Your Partner and Children

If your partner and children are joining the photoshoot, think about coordinating your outfits to create a harmonious look.

This doesn't mean you have to match perfectly, but selecting complementary colors or styles can add a lovely touch to your family portraits.

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Choosing the Perfect Location for Your Photoshoot

Selecting the right location for your plus size maternity photoshoot is a decision that can significantly impact your comfort and the overall aesthetic of your photos.

Here are some considerations to help you choose the perfect setting:

Accessibility and Comfort

When picking a location, prioritize accessibility and comfort.

Ensure that you can comfortably get to the chosen location without any physical strain.

Factor in considerations like parking availability, ease of walking, and proximity to restroom facilities.

These aspects are essential for a smooth and enjoyable photoshoot experience.

Size-Inclusive Seating

If you plan to have seating arrangements as part of your photoshoot, whether it's a chair, bench, or any other prop, make sure it's size-inclusive and comfortable.

Discuss this with your photographer in advance to ensure they have suitable seating options that can accommodate your needs and provide you with the necessary comfort and support.

Home Sweet Home

Another fantastic option for your plus size maternity photoshoot is the comfort and familiarity of your own home.

Your home provides a personal and intimate backdrop for capturing candid moments and can be particularly meaningful if you want to document your daily life and nesting moments during pregnancy.

Discuss with your photographer if they offer in-home photoshoot services, and together you can plan the perfect indoor session.

Outdoor Beauty

If you prefer an outdoor setting, consider parks, gardens, or natural landscapes that inspire you.

Outdoor locations can offer a serene and picturesque backdrop, allowing you to connect with nature and showcase the beauty of your pregnancy.

Ensure that the chosen outdoor location has accessible paths and seating options. And don't forget to bring a waterbottle so you stay hydrated!

fat woman in flowy maternity gown

Urban and Architectural Charm

For a more urban and architectural vibe, city streets, colorful murals, or historic buildings can create a unique and visually appealing setting.

Again, make sure that these locations are easily accessible and provide the level of comfort you desire.

urban maternity location with colorful wall

Consult with Your Photographer

Ultimately, your photographer can be a valuable resource in helping you select the perfect location for your plus size maternity photoshoot.

They can provide recommendations based on their expertise and experience and work with you to ensure that the chosen location aligns with your vision and comfort.

Selecting a Size-Inclusive Photographer

When searching for a photographer to capture plus size pregnancy photos, it's crucial to find someone who specializes in working with diverse body types.

To ensure you make the right choice, consider the following tips:

Online Research

Begin your search by engaging with online communities dedicated to plus size parenting and body positivity.

Seek recommendations and insights from individuals who have had positive experiences with photographers that embrace and celebrate body diversity.

Start by exploring photographers' websites and social media profiles.

Keep an eye out for images highlighting their skill in capturing the beauty, confidence, and radiance of plus size clients.

These photos will showcase the photographer's ability to create empowering and inclusive visual narratives.

Maternity Gown Inclusivity

While narrowing down your search for the perfect photographer, it's worth noting that many photographers offer maternity gowns for photoshoots.

Consider verifying whether your chosen photographers provide maternity gowns in a variety of sizes, demonstrating their commitment to accommodating different body shapes.

Even if a photographer doesn't offer inclusive sizing for maternity gowns, but they have an extensive portfolio featuring plus size families they've photographed, they may still be size-friendly.

In such cases, it might be helpful to encourage these photographers to consider expanding their offerings with inclusive sizing for maternity gowns.

Bringing your own gown is always an option, and we have a list of plus size maternity dresses you love.

Key Questions for Maternity Photographers

When choosing a photographer for your plus size pregnancy photoshoot, consider asking some questions before booking to ensure a positive and inclusive experience.

Here's a list of questions to consider:

Do you have experience photographing plus size clients, particularly during pregnancy?

This question helps gauge the photographer's familiarity with capturing diverse body types.

Can I see examples of your previous work with plus size individuals or maternity clients?

Viewing their portfolio can provide insight into their ability to showcase the beauty and confidence of plus size clients.

What is your approach to posing and lighting for plus size maternity photos?

Understanding their techniques can help ensure that you'll be portrayed in the most flattering and comfortable way.

How do you create a comfortable and inclusive atmosphere during a photoshoot?

It's essential to know that the photographer can provide a welcoming and accommodating environment.

Do you have any references from previous plus size clients I can contact?

Speaking with previous clients can provide valuable insights into their experiences with the photographer.

Can we discuss my vision for the photoshoot and any specific concerns I may have?

Open communication allows you to ensure that the photographer understands your goals and comfort level.

What is your turnaround time for delivering edited photos, and how many photos will I receive?

These logistics are essential to know for planning and managing expectations.

What is your pricing structure, and are there any additional fees I should be aware of?

Understanding the costs involved ensures transparency and helps you stay within your budget.

By asking these questions, you'll be better equipped to choose a photographer who not only captures beautiful images but also makes you feel comfortable, confident, and celebrated during your plus size pregnancy photoshoot.


You can ask the questions above via e-mail or arrange a consultation with potential photographers over the phone, via video conferencing, or in person.

Ask for References

As we shared, don't hesitate to ask photographers for references from previous plus size clients. Speaking with these clients can provide valuable insights into their experiences and the photographer's ability to create a positive and inclusive environment.

By following these steps, you can confidently choose a size-inclusive photographer who will make you feel comfortable, beautiful, and celebrated during your plus size pregnancy photo session.

plus size maternity photo sitting outdoors

Poses for a Plus Size Pregnancy Photoshoot 

When planning your plus size pregnancy photoshoot, consider a range of poses!

It's essential to embrace experimentation and discover the poses that make you feel most comfortable and confident.

Here are some pose ideas to get you started:

Cradling the Bump

Gently cradle your baby bump with your hands, a classic pose that emphasizes the connection between you and your baby.

For those with a B-shaped belly, you can ask your photographer for guidance on concealing or emphasizing it, depending on your preference.

Belly bands can be a useful accessory if you wish to create the appearance of a more rounded D-shape rather than a B-shape, offering an option for concealing your belly shape in photos.

plus size maternity photo B belly

Side Profile

A side profile can create a beautiful silhouette and highlight your curves. It's a versatile pose that can flatter various body shapes.

plus size pregnant woman in green dress

Seated Elegance

Pose comfortably in a chair or on a soft surface like your bed, allowing you to relax while showcasing your belly.

plus size maternity photo seated in bed

Or try something more artistic like on the stairs in the photo below.

plus size maternity photo on stairs

Lying Down Bliss

If you prefer, recline on a plush surface for a serene and comfortable pose. This position can be especially soothing for those looking to capture the beauty of their belly without focusing on its shape.

Plus size pregnancy photo laying down

Partner Embrace

Include your partner in the photoshoot for a heartwarming display of love and support, like the gorgeous example below.

man kissing pregnant woman's belly

Your photographer can help you both find poses that celebrate your connection while ensuring your comfort. And don't forget to involve your other little ones in the photo shoot fun!

Remember that these are just starting points! The key is to explore poses that make you feel beautiful and at ease.

Your plus size pregnancy photos should reflect your unique journey and the confidence you exude during this remarkable time.

Trust your instincts and communicate openly with your photographer. Together, you can create a collection of photos that truly resonate with your spirit and story.

DIY Maternity Photoshoot Tips

There's no need to hire a professional photographer if funds are tight or if it's outside of your comfort zone.

Consider a DIY maternity photoshoot with your phone, either with the help of a loved one or a good tripod.

woman doing DIY maternity

Location and Lighting

Be sure to choose a well-lit location. Natural light is your best friend. Opt for spots near windows or in outdoor settings with soft, diffused lighting.

Timing is crucial for that perfect shot. The “golden hour” during sunrise or just before sunset provides the most flattering, warm lighting for your photos.

Composition and Posing

Try different angles and perspectives to find the most flattering shots. Overhead angles can elongate your body, while side profiles can emphasize your baby bump.

Incorporate meaningful props like baby shoes, ultrasound photos, or a favorite book to add personal touches to your photos.

If you're uncomfortable with the self-timer, ask a friend to assist you in taking photos. They can help with framing and capturing candid moments.

And be sure to clean your phone's camera lens to avoid hazy or blurry shots.

Stability with a Tripod

Invest in a tripod! A smartphone tripod or a makeshift one can help stabilize your phone, reducing camera shake for sharper photos.

Use your phone's timer or a Bluetooth remote to capture photos hands-free. This is particularly helpful for solo photoshoots!

Editing and Filters

There are numerous photo editing apps available that can enhance your images.

Apps like Snapseed, VSCO, and Adobe Lightroom offer a range of editing tools.

If you use filters, apply them sparingly to maintain a natural look. Over-filtered photos can sometimes appear less authentic. With that said, whatever look you love is all that matters!

Experiment and Have Fun!

Don't be afraid to take lots of photos. With digital photography, you can select the best ones later.

Try different poses, expressions, and backgrounds.

Don't be afraid to think outside the box and capture the essence of your unique journey.

DIY maternity photography

Sharing Plus Size Pregnancy Photos

Once you've taken your plus size pregnancy photos, it's time to think about sharing.

Remember, there's no right or wrong way to do this, and the choice is entirely yours.

Feel like sharing your stunning photos on social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook, Go for it! Your journey is inspiring, and your photos can be a source of empowerment for others.

Consider creating a keepsake album or scrapbook to cherish these moments for years to come. Having a tangible collection of your maternity photos can be a beautiful reminder of your journey.

Thinking about unique holiday cards this year? Why not feature your plus size pregnancy photos as the cover star!

Remember, you're in control.

It's important to note that you don't have to share your photos if you're not comfortable doing so.

Your plus size pregnancy photoshoot is a personal journey, and the decision to share or keep them private is entirely yours.

The most important thing is that you've taken these photos to document and cherish this extraordinary time in your life.

Your plus size pregnancy journey is unique, beautiful, and worthy of celebration!

Need more inspiration? See our collection of stories from people sharing their experiences having plus size pregnancy photoshoots!