Babywearing is for EVERYbody of every size! From birth moms to adoptive moms, and dads as well, every person who desires to babywear shouldn’t feel limited by their size. Below you’ll read stories from many parents about why they babywear and the bond it creates.



Babywearing is love, safety, hugs! my last time babywearing my oldest before he officially became an older brother. – Cata (photo by ClickArt)


Before my little was born I had already decided to baby wear, likely because I read a thing that said a thing… But after he was born I just couldn’t imagine it any other way. The smell of his head, the rhythm of his breathing, the warmth of his little body, it all just feels so good to the soul to have him right there. – Juli Anne


Babywearing saved me so many times when my neurodiverse son was a toddler. I didnt learn about real babywearing until he was 18 months and then used it a ton with him and then with my daughter who was born when he was 3. Now i help guide my clients how to wear as a postpartum doula and wear their babies while taking care of chores while the parent gets some sleep or a shower. – McRae


Kirsten Braaten Photography captured this tender moment between Sharon and her VBAC baby.


We love baby-wearing because it gives us the opportunity to do activities with both our 16 year old and our 3 year old. We’re a family on the go, and no better or easier way to GO then with your baby close to your heart. Plus who doesn’t love squishy huggles and cuddles. – Melissa


Babywearing has created an amazing bond with my children, and I love the closeness. With my oldest I had a baby Bjorn, and I used it until my son was 10 months old. When I was pregnant with my daughter I decided that I wanted a better carrier. I now have 10 different carriers, and every single one gets used. Once I had better carriers I began to tandem wear my littles. – Amanda


Here is a picture of me – Katie (on the right) with my son Cormac, and my friend Sarah on the left with her daughter Auda. They came to visit us in Knoxville, where we hiked around Ijams Nature Reserve Park over the weekend in our Tulas. We are long-time friends since college and she has been an amazing resource to me through my journey to new motherhood (from infertility treatments to the challenges of breastfeeding) – it’s so fun to see our babies growing up! She originally pointed me to the plus-size baby wearing group and it has been so great seeing proud post-baby bodies, how helpful the community is with finding a perfect carrier/fit, and to see how wearing our babies improves our relationships!


My almost 3 year old is getting too busy for snuggles. Babywearing (nay, toddlerwearing) is my way of cherishing the snuggles and getting stuff done at the same time! – Megan (photo by Painted Lady Photography)


Babywearing to me is something that immediately gives connection. I have been lucky to wear not just my babies, but friends babies as well. When I put one of my babies on, I immediately feel united. Babywearing/Toddler Wearing for me gives me unity, freedom, safety, and connects on a different level together. – Lindsey


I have quite a few baby wearing pics but this one is my favorite. This look..The look on my sons face that captures how absolutely in love he is with me. His head so close to my heart as well as his source of nourishment. This why I wear him. – Kristen
P.S. I am a size 24/26..and rockin a Tula.


I was late to the game of baby wearing. I didn’t really know such a thing existed with my first 2. With my third I was excited to try to baby wear because my older 2 were 3 and 5 when the baby was born and I knew that I would need to be holding her and helping them at the time. So baby wearing allowed me to be able to tend to the needs of all my children at the same time. I was also able to do things like shop, go to ball games and have family outings where a stroller would have been cumbersome. – Sarah


My babywearing journey isvery special to me. We adopted our precious little guy. I didn’t get to carry him in my womb, but I will carry him as long as he wants me to in these carriers. I love how it instantly calms him being close to me. – Melinda


Baby means to me that everyone has their needs met. – Lynsey


Holly and her sweet rainbow snuggles.


Babywearing is not just a way for me to do things, it is a way to instill in my daughter a bond, an attachment, and a sense that all is right in the world. It helps teach her to trust, to love, and to know I am always right there to make the world right again. – Tracy


Babywearing has helped me continue to participate in movement work, bringing my children to marches and protests, while keeping them close and safe. It’s also allowed me to keep my littlest close while chasing my toddler. It’s helped me feel more connected to my body, in the months of disphoria and dismorphia that followed giving birth- figuring out what is my new body and my relationship to my mental health – being different fat than before and having new and different disabilities. – Danny

Babywearing is for EVERYbody

Baby wearing has let me be able to bond with my baby and comfort him in a way I wasn’t able to when he was first born. He was born 6 weeks premature weighing 2 pounds 25 ounces and he spent 30 days in the NICU. I was nervous about baby wearing because of my size and the judgements people may make, but once I put him in that carrier and saw how happy we both were those fears just melted away. I love this special bonding time with my child. – Beth


To me, a mother of 3 month old twin boys, babywearing means soothing both of my babies at the same time. It means finally they stopped crying and they are fed and warm and safe and sleeping and I don’t know what to do with myself so I take a selfie, grinning like a (tired) mad woman. It also means family walks, quiet time with my husband, finally getting out of the house, and still getting to be so close to my littles. Some days it is the only thing that gets us all through the day. – Sydney


I love baby wearing. My son also loves when I wear him all around. We have been so many places already with our carriers. – Emily

Babywearing is for EVERYbody

Baby wearing has a special place in my heart because when I was 8 months pregnant with our youngest son Trypp, our 8 year old son was tragically killed in an explosive accident. Nothing can prepare a mother/father for such a loss, but being able to wear our youngest son has created such a closeness and bond that has helped to ease the pain of our loss. – Sharee

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