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Affordable Plus Size Maternity Coat Options

The idea of investing in a plus size maternity coat can seem silly. That is until you find yourself freezing your booty and your bump off!

Depending on where you live, purchasing a plus size maternity jacket might be worth every penny.

This resource goes well beyond maternity winter coat plus size options that can be very limiting.

We give you unique ideas to keep you warm throughout your plus size pregnancy.

You’ll also read quotes from plus size parents sharing what worked for them during the inclement weather months of their pregnancies. 

We've got you covered with plus size maternity coat and regular coat options all the way up to 6XL! 

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plus size pregnant woman wearing a plus size maternity coat

Plus Size Maternity Jackets

Maternity Plus Size Coats

Let’s start with your standard maternity winter coat plus size options.

Just because the label says “maternity” doesn’t mean you have to stop wearing your new coat the day you give birth. That’s ridiculous!

A plus size maternity jacket can last well past pregnancy and provide a wonderful hand-me-down to a future pregnant friend. It’s also a fabulous investment if you plan to have a few kids.

If you want to rock a cute plus size maternity jacket – do it!

Unfortunately, when you Google “maternity winter jacket plus size” you'll find there aren't many options and sizing is very limited.

We're sharing some of our favorite finds below, and be sure to see our full plus size maternity clothing guide for other stores to explore.

Motherhood Maternity

Typically, Motherhood Maternity is one of our go-to's for plus size maternity options up to size 3XL. Sadly, this season they are currently limited with their plus size options. Here's hoping their selection improves quickly!


Kohl's offers a limited selection of plus size maternity clothes up to a size 3XL, however, their current selection of maternity coats goes to a size 2XL. This Plus Size Maternity Puffer Jacket comes in four different colors.

Pink Blush

From cardigans, wraps, to jackets, Pink Blush has a great variety for winter wear going up to a size 3XL.

Yours Clothing

Yours Clothing is a popular retailer in the UK. They offer a selection of plus size maternity clothes up to size 28 and ship worldwide. When you search for maternity plus size coats you'll see their parka and puffer jacket pop up.

Yet, if you read the descriptions, it sounds like these coats from Yours Clothing are just regular plus size coats.

And that leads us perfectly to our next option for buying a maternity coat.

Plus Size Jacket

I'm going to encourage you to think beyond the “maternity” label to provide yourself with a ton more affordable and adorable plus size options! 

Consider waiting until the jacket you already have in your closet becomes too snug and then size up!

On average, a regular plus size coat is going to run for less than a maternity option. That is unless you happen upon a great clearance deal! Don’t shy away from searching for clearance options in stores and online for maternity and regular coats.

When you’re ready to size-up, consider skipping the mall and find deals at stores like Ross, TJ Max, Walmart, and Target. For example, Target's listings for their “plus size maternity jackets” are actually just their regular plus size selection!

If you’re hunting online, consider Amazon.

Amazon offers a wide array of plus size clothes (and maternity clothes) including the biggest selection out there of plus size coats with extensive sizing.

Amazon Prime members get free 2-day shipping. How amazing would it be if all clothing retailers could provide the same instant gratification?!

“When I was pregnant in winter I just bought a size up. Worked almost till the very end.” – Marcie 

Below you’ll see some cute plus size jackets with the first one, plus size fleece coat, going all the way up to 7XL and comes in five different colors!

The second, a plus size hooded jacket with fleece lining, comes in seven different colors and goes up to a 6XL.

Looking for a plus size raincoat that works well for maternity? This one, with great reviews, comes in eight different colors and goes to a size 6XL.

If you live in a frigid climate and need a warm winter coat – we've got you! This coat is rated for temperatures down to -22°, comes in five different colors, and goes to a size 4XL.

And we couldn't leave off this pretty pink plus size coat that goes up to a 4XL.

Plus Size Jacket Expander

If you don’t want to purchase a new coat, but yours is becoming a little snug around your belly, a jacket expander could be a perfect solution!

Add this cloth panel to your existing jacket, and you’re good-to-go!

Plus Size Hoodie

If you’re already a parent, then you’re probably reading this idea and shaking your head in agreement. Been there, done that! A hoodie can be a perfect maternity coat solution. This is especially the case if you live in an area that doesn’t often dip below freezing or get much precipitation.

If you work in a cold (but casual!) office or find yourself hanging around the house a lot, you might want to purchase a plus size hoodie regardless of whether or not you’re still going to search for a warmer outdoor option.

With that said, don’t be too surprised if your internal temperature runs warmer than normal during pregnancy. What felt freezing before, might not be so bad while you’re sporting your bump.

Below you'll see two hoddie options.

The first is a popular lightweight option from Just My Size with over 7,000 reviews, and it goes to 5XL.

The second, a long oversized fleece hoodie is idea for a growing bump, and goes to 6XL.

Plus Size Shawl or Wrap

Do you live in a warmer climate? A shawl is ideal for some extra coverage on cooler days. It’s also perfect for staying in and snuggling during a cold winter’s night at home with your family.

A shawl is such a versatile clothing staple that works well with plus size maternity jeans or a pretty maternity dress for a date night.

Best of all, regardless of how big your belly may expand, a shawl will always fit!

Epsion Women's Wrap Plus Size
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Hand-Me-Down Plus Size Maternity Coat

You never know if your mom friend or even Facebook friend has a maternity winter coat plus size option hanging in the back of her closet if you don’t ask! It sure doesn’t hurt to do a post on Facebook or direct message a few of your plus size friends who recently had a baby just to see if someone is wanting to make a donation or make a few bucks – win/win!.

Speaking of Facebook, there are plus size clothing swap groups and ones that list plus size maternity clothes. Depending on the season and where you live, there may be lots of options there.

To find one of these groups, use the search bar on Facebook and type in something like, “Plus Size Maternity Swap” and then search the Groups tab.

You can also hit up your local Goodwill and consignment stores, but often plus size maternity clothing is slim pickings.

Another option you might want to consider is Poshmark. It’s a website where people buy and sell used clothing. We’re seeing more and more plus size maternity clothing popping up on this site.

Use Your Own Or Your Partner’s Jacket

During a plus size pregnancy, you might not gain any weight or you could even lose weight. So don’t run out and spend a lot of money on a coat until you know you need one.

“34 weeks and haven’t gained any weight so luckily I still fit into my coat from last year.” – Stephanie

If you notice your jacket getting more than just a little snug, then see if your partner’s jacket is the perfect fit or ask another family member.

While it’s tempting to run out and buy yourself a new coat, you might not even need one. Consider saving that money for another plus size pregnancy essential.

We hope you’ve found these suggestions helpful! Please be sure to share any solutions you’ve discovered in the comments below. And if you’re already thinking of warmer months ahead (we don’t blame you!), check out our article on plus size maternity swimsuits!

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