When it comes to plus size pregnancy essentials, we have a list of items that will truly make a positive impact along your pregnancy journey.



Pregnancy Essentials

1.Plus Size Maternity Jeans

plus size maternity jeans motherhoodplus size maternity jeans blackskinny plus size maternity jeans

There’s one item that stands out above all pregnancy essentials and that’s plus size maternity jeans.

Why? Well, because that obnoxious band stretched across your middle means you’re pregnant!

For many plus size women, looking visibly pregnant takes a lot longer than you’d expect. However, once you shimmy yourself into a pair of maternity jeans, it’s pretty difficult not to feel pregnant!

2. Plus Size Boy Shorts Underwear


plus size boy shots underwear 3-packplus size boy shots underwear

Plus size maternity underwear are ginormous! Like off the charts, BIG PANTIES! If you want to rock these plus size maternity undergarments, more power to you. But there are other options and plus size maternity underwear over the belly options are easy to find on Amazon!

An alternative you might want to try is plus size boy short underwear. Another benefit of trying this style of underwear during pregnancy is that you can wear them well beyond giving birth. 

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3. Plus Size Belly Band


plus size belly band plus size pregnancy support belt

When you’re plus size and pregnant, the way your body changes can be a little unexpected. Many women have what’s referred to as a B Belly. That means, when you stand to the side, your belly looks more like a B than a D. It can be upsetting but please know if you’re experiencing this, you’re far from alone.

A plus size belly band can help smooth out the B and make your belly appear more like a D. This band can also be a lifesaver if you’re experiencing back pain or if you have a belly that hangs low (also known as a belly apron).

4. Plus Size Sleep Pillow


pregnancy sleep pillow    sleep pillow for pregnancy

Did you ever play Tetris? If you have no idea what I’m talking about then your childhood was seriously deprived and I want to hug you (LOL!). Tetris is a video game puzzle where you need to keep everything aligned, fitting the pieces together just right.

Finding a comfortable position for sleep during pregnancy is a lot like playing a game of Tetris. Just when you think you have everything perfect, a shape will come out of nowhere (a pillow sliding out of place or a baby moving inside of you!). Then you have to start all over again getting yourself into a good position.

Rather than playing this game of aligning 15 pillows, you might as well just invest in a comfy sleep pillow. The best pregnancy pillow for plus size pregnant women is the Snoggle (pictured first) closely followed by the Back ‘N Belly (pictured second). 

5. Exercise Ball

blue exercise ball purple exercise ball

So maybe this shouldn’t be on our list of plus size pregnancy essentials, however, if you have some extra cash then it’s a worthwhile investment.

An exercise ball can provide relief when sitting (yes, even sitting can become tricky). It’s also an amazing comfort measure during labor. Not to mention how much newborns enjoy being lovingly bounced to sleep while you sit on a ball. Plus, it can be used, as its name alludes, to get some exercise during pregnancy and postpartum.

I know what you might be thinking, ‘Am I too big to sit on a ball?’ All balls listed below hold up to 2,000 lbs (yes, you read that correctly – two thousand)!!


6. Size Friendly Nursing Pillow

plus size breastfeeding pillow gray plus size breastfeeding pillow with pocket Ergo plus size breastfeeding pillow

While plus size nursing bras and tanks with a built –in bra are truly plus size pregnancy essentials (if you’re planning to nurse), a size friendly nursing pillow is one of the nicest gifts you can give yourself.

This magical pillow helps you and your little one to get into a relaxed position for nursing. The downside is that not all nursing pillows are size-friendly so we recommend the following (pictured below in order); Boppy Best Latch, Breastfriend Pillow, Ergobaby Nursing Pillow and Luna Lullaby.

You can read our review of each plus size nursing pillow here.


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7. Plus Size Baby Carrier

Moby Wrap Plus Size Babywearing








Babywearing is for EVERY body! No really, you can babywear!!

There’s nothing quite as wonderful as being able to snuggle your newborn and still be able to semi-function like you used to do before joining Mommy Land. We are HUGE fans of babywearing and hope you’ll find a carrier that’s perfect for you. Since there are so many awesome options, we aren’t going to list them here but encourage you to check out our plus size babywearing resource.

8. My Plus Size Pregnancy Guide

Plus Size Pregnancy Book







When it comes to plus size pregnancy essentials, this suggestion might be completely biased but we’re going to promote it nonetheless (‘cause we wrote it).

This My Plus Size Pregnancy Guide answers all of the most commonly asked questions about having a plus size pregnancy; from addressing the increased risks and how to reduce them to connecting with a size friendly care provider.

It’s an 89-page digital guide that you need to get your hands on if you’re plus size and pregnant. There’s also an audiobook option!

My Plus Size Pregnancy Guide Ad

Bonus Items:

Plus Size Sleep-Nursing Bra  

nursing sleep wrap bra






A plus size sleep-nursing bra is wonderful to wear during pregnancy because your boobs will be sore as they start getting bigger during pregnancy (it’s like puberty all over again, although now they might also leak).

A sleep-nursing bra will be a go-to of yours once you’re nursing. While it’s not highly supportive, the little support it gives makes it incredibly comfortable!

Razor Extender

razor extender

Shaving your legs during pregnancy should be an Olympic sport! And this is the case for women of all sizes, not just plus size moms. A razor extender can be a girl’s best friend if you happen to care about shaving your legs during pregnancy.

There you have it! Our list of 8 (well, actually 10) plus size pregnancy essentials! If you’re a mom reading this right now, please add anything you couldn’t live without during pregnancy (or motherhood) within the comments below!

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