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Where To Shop For Plus Size Maternity Tights

Are you looking for the perfect pair of plus size maternity tights or plus size maternity pantyhose?

When it comes to shopping for plus size tights, let’s face it: a lot of the time we have to take what we can get. When we add maternity into the mix, it can be even harder to find the right look…that is, if you’re not sure where to look.

If you think outside the box, you can still get all you need to feel and look fabulous while growing a baby bump (even if you have a b belly).

With a little ingenuity (and a few sizes up), you can create outfits just as glamorous with a baby in your belly as it was when it was only you.

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four different plus size maternity tights

Plus Size Maternity Tights 

Are you wondering where you can buy plus size maternity tights? There are a few in-store and online options! 

Amazon Plus Size Maternity 

Amazon is my go-to recommendation for plus size maternity clothes, especially if you have Amazon Prime for 2-day shipping. Beyond that perk, Amazon makes it incredibly easy to return items if they don't fit quite right. 

While Amazon has some XXL maternity tights, in the following section, you'll see plus size tights that work just as well for maternity with larger sizing options. 

Motherhood Maternity Plus Size Tights

Motherhood Maternity is one of the few stores you can shop in person up to a 3XL for plus size maternity clothes. Their selection of maternity tights goes up to a 165lb – 220lb weight limit. 

Before we move on, PinkBlush is a popular online-only option for maternity clothes. They have a plus size collection with options up to 3XL. Unfortunately, their maternity tights selection is made up only of leggings. 

Target Plus Size Maternity Tights

Target's maternity line available in stores and online, Isabel Maternity by Ingrid & Isabel, only goes to size XXL (listed as size 18 via their sizing chart). They do have maternity tights that go to a 180lb – 220lb weight limit. 

Walmart Plus Size Maternity Tights

Walmart offers their Bellissima Women's Maternity Tights that go up to a size 4XL. Many of their online maternity options go to a 3XL, and you might have some luck in stores. 

Torrid Plus Size Maternity

Torrid is a go-to for plus size clothing but did you know they also have plus size maternity clothes? They sure do! They don't have maternity tights but they do have maternity leggings. Below you'll see two pairs of Torrid tights we love that you can size-up to wear throughout your plus size pregnancy and well beyond. 

Plus Size Tights That Work As Plus Size Maternity Tights

When it comes down to it, all it takes is looking past the label to land on the perfect pair of plus size maternity tights! 

Here are seven options for you to consider, from traditional everyday tights to special occasion maternity wear, they are as cute as they are comfortable!

1. Silky Toes Soft Sheer Plus Size Sheer Pantyhose

Plus Size Information: Up To Size 30/4X (Listed as 7 – 8 Plus)

These plus size pantyhose are a great example of tights that aren’t labeled maternity but can be used for just that.

Opting for pantyhose that are as attractive as they are comfortable is always important, but never more so than when you’re pregnant.

These pantyhose are a true sheer color for when you want to show off some leg for that classic look. They also come in suntan and black.

In terms of adding comfort, apart from being silky soft, they’re completely seamless.

The best part of all? Sizes range is generous with many positive reviews!

2. Torrid Microfiber Tights Nylon/Spandex Plus Size Tights

Plus Size Information: 1X – 6X

black plus size maternity tights

If you've ever shopped with Torrid, you know how much their clothes help you to love your body. These plus size microfiber tights deliver as expected.

The microfiber material is silky soft, so they feel as good as they look. These tights come in a deep black hue, a perfect staple for your winter wardrobe.

How to turn them into maternity tights? Simple! The size ranges from 1X – 6X, giving you plenty of wiggle room for a growing baby bump!

3. Torrid Plus Size Fishnet Tights 

Plus Size Information: 1X – 6X 

plus size maternity fishnet tights

Don't ever let anyone tell you differently: you can be pregnant and still flaunt your sex appeal. Speaking of sex appeal, don't miss our article with tips for plus size pregnancy sex

These fishnet tights come in 1X – 6X, giving your bump space to grow. They have a great stretch making them ultra-comfortable.

You might find yourself missing them (and still slipping into them) postpartum!

4. Plus Size Cat Tights 

Plus Size Information: XL – 4X

plus size maternity cat tights

These plus size cat tights are a fan favorite for a good reason.

The satin black is a classic look for tights. But the cats along the back of the leg help add little extra something to your look.

These tights are made of super-soft microfiber and very strong as a result. They also have a flat seam so they lay smooth against your body.

There's nothing quite like cotton when it comes to keeping cool and comfortable, and these tights (bless them!) come with a cotton gusset that will add extra comfort as maternity wear.

The tights go from XL to 4XL, so make sure you consider sizing up to accommodate the extra passenger!

5. Plus Size Ombre Tights

Plus Size Information: 1X – 4X

Plus Size Pink Ombre Tights

From the same Etsy store that gave us the cat tights comes these plus size pink ombre tights. They're so beautiful and are especially dazzling for a baby shower or mother blessing.

Welcoming a boy? Don't worry, they come in blue, too.

Plus Size Blue Ombre Tights

The sizes range from 1X to 4X, so remember to size up to wear them as maternity tights.

The shop owner keeps a handy chart on her page so you can figure out just what size you are by height and weight. It doesn't get much easier than that!

6. Plus Size Footless Tights

Plus Size Information: 1X/2X or 3X/4X

Hanes is a long-trusted cotton brand, and these tights give us even more reason to love them.

If you're one of those women who just can't stand having the seam of tights on your toes, then footless tights are too good to be true.

These tights come in black and are silky smooth. They're also made with heat wicking technology to make sure you stay cool.

For them to be even more comfortable during pregnancy, remember to size up. You can go as high as 3X/4X with these plus size footless tights.

7. Silky Toes Microfiber Tights

Plus Size Information: Up To Size 30/4X (Listed as 7 – 8 Plus)

These tights should be a must-have on your plus size pregnancy wish-list! With lots of different color options and a lot of stretch – what else could you ask for from plus size tights?

They go up to size 30 so you can get some extra room as your body changes, and your belly grows. Not only that, but they're super stretchy so that you can enjoy them long into your pregnancy and well beyond. 

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