At my highest weight, I was almost 400 lbs. I finally found a good place where I was active and eating mostly healthy but still enjoying myself. Those changes naturally put me around 300 lbs. -310 lbs. I was happy with this, so my husband and I started trying to conceive (TTC).

baby feet

There is nothing wrong with TTC at any weight, but I knew I was working harder to keep that weight I had lost, off. 

We were worried TTC would take a long time.

I have endometriosis and only one ovary due to a small tumor on one that caused it to need to be removed.

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But I was young, and we were lucky.

After just a few weeks off of birth control, I was pregnant.

I was petrified that I would miscarry due to my weight, but I didn't.

I had a wonderful and perfectly healthy pregnancy.

Weight gain didn't occur until the third trimester. Also during the third trimester, I was having some swelling and some higher blood pressure.

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Generally, my blood pressure was just on the high end of normal, but for me, this was high as I usually had perfect blood pressure.

After being monitored twice a week from weeks 35 – 37, my blood pressure was still slowly creeping up each appointment.

I agreed to an induction around 38 weeks.

We went in on a Sunday night, and they started with a balloon catheter to open my cervix.

It’s all kind of a blur but essentially between Sunday night and Monday night even with meds, catheters, etc., I wasn’t progressing.

I was still at 3.

It was decided I would have a c-section Tuesday morning if I didn’t progress through the night.

I went ahead and asked for an epidural. In hindsight, I wish I would have waited, but I was desperate for sleep.

I didn’t know they had to roll me over ever 20 minutes to keep the medicine flowing.

At around 1:00 am on Tuesday I told my husband to get a nurse because it felt like there was a basketball between my legs!

Sure enough, I was almost at 10 centimeters, and she was almost ready to go.

By this point, my epidural had mostly worn off.

Finally at 4:40 AM, after 30 minutes of pushing, my daughter was here.

She screamed for hours but she was healthy, and I was healthy.

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I had a low-grade fever, but they just gave me antibiotics. My daughter was perfect, and my physical recovery was a breeze.

Physically, I felt perfect by the time I left the hospital.

I want plus size women to know their recovery isn’t always harder, mine, physically, was easier than any of my “thin” friends.

I did, however, get postpartum depression.

The second she was born, I felt off. Finally, after six days of feeling different, I insisted on seeing my doctor because it wasn’t the baby blues.

Thankfully I had a wonderful and supportive doctor who prescribed me medication that day, and within a week I was actually enjoying my newborn.

It was hard, and everything didn’t go my way.

My lactation consultant wasn’t very size friendly. Breastfeeding didn’t work after a few weeks out, but my child is just as happy and healthy eating her formula.

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I still haven’t lost the baby weight, but I enjoy being home with my daughter every day. I know I’m active and eating healthy, so we are going to start trying to conceive again!

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