The day I found out I was pregnant was also the day I developed a love/hate relationship with Google. I was so excited to see images of plus size baby bumps. I couldn’t wait to learn about what my plus size pregnancy journey would be like and what my plus size pregnant belly would look like. Sadly, I couldn’t find a lot of plus size baby belly images via Google and most of the plus size pregnancy info was rather terrifying.

I never could’ve foreseen that a year later I would make it my personal mission to normalize plus size pregnancy by starting Plus Size Birth.


Part of my work with Plus Size Birth is encouraging women to photograph and embrace their bump!

“When will I look pregnant?” is one of the most commonly asked questions on the Plus Mommy Facebook page.

Women often complain of having a B shaped belly rather than a D shaped belly.

An overweight pregnant belly is just as beautiful and just worthy of acceptance as a thin woman’s bump. The truth of the matter is whether your belly is perfectly round or never pops – you are pregnant.

You are growing life within you and your body is amazing! Embrace your bump today!  

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The act of taking maternity photos (from the comfort of your living room or with a professional photographer) is part of embracing your bump and pregnancy. If not only for yourself but also for your children who will want to see these images.

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Embrace Your Plus Size Baby Bump

Below you’ll see gorgeous plus size pregnancy images and read inspiring stories.

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“Believe it or not, I don’t really like taking pictures. I always feel like they are from the most unflattering angles or I just don’t look as attractive as I did in my head (lol). When I met Love Daley Photography and fell in love with her work, I just knew she would give me the maternity photo shoot I dreamed of. She assisted with choosing the wardrobe/accessories and explained which items would photograph well. During the photo shoot she seemed genuinely impressed as she previewed pictures between takes. That response coupled with my sisters cheering me on from the sideline and my husband’s reaction to the whole experience, allowed me to feel confident and pretty. These photos represent the love and happiness I felt carrying this child I prayed so long for. Being able to capture that moment was priceless.” – Tracie-Ann 📸 by @lovedaleyphoto I'm so thankful the stunning Tracie-Ann shared her images with us. To see even more breathtaking photos check out the 👉 link within our bio 👈 for the next 24 hours to read a new article, 5 Tips for a Stress-Free Plus Size Maternity Photo Shoot, inspired by Tracie-Ann.

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"So many plus size women feel ashamed of their body. Especially when pregnant because we do not have that ‘perfect’ baby bump that we see all over magazines. I want women to feel empowered by their body and their baby bump no matter what their size. Our bodies create life. It is an incredibly beautiful thing and should be celebrated. I wanted to have photos taken to cherish these memories forever. I am proud to be a plus size woman. I am proud of my body. And I am proud to have created a life. I hope to inspire other plus size women to have their maternity photos taken and not to feel ashamed. My photographer, @kayla.denniston in Lindale, Texas, made me feel completely beautiful during the photo shoot." 📷 ❤️ #maternity #maternityphotography #maternityshoot #plussizepregnancy #plussizeandpregnant #plussizemommy #bodylove #pregnancy #motherhood #kayladennistonphotography

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My Plus Size Pregnancy Book


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You are my sunshine. My only sunshine ☀️ Repost from @krystal_lidaka "Motherhood gives you a strength you never knew you had. This mama-to-be is a wife, triathlete, board member, leader, daughter, friend and more. And now she is adding "Mother" to that list. Even with her due date a few weeks away, she is giving her time to others, through community service and supporting her friends and family. Her daughter is going to have quite an example of what a beautiful and strong woman is." #maternityshoot #maternityphotography #maternityfashion #newborn #raleigh #raleighphotographer #apexnc #hollysprings #photography #family #familyphotography #sewtrendyaccessories #fall #raleighnc #pregnant #pregnancy #newbornphotography #bumpday #chanel #plussize #plussizefashion #plussizematernity #babybump #bumpfashion #pregnantbelly #chanelmua #halobraid #pregnancy #sewtrendyaccessories Dress by @sewtrendyaccessories Makeup by Gwen Burke Hair by Taneka Newkirk

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💗 THIS! All of this! Repost from @teenavajeeeena – Here’s to all the plus size mummas with their beautifully weird shaped bellies. It can be hard when everywhere you look… every maternity photo you see is a perfect little bump that just pops out ever so. When none of the maternity clothes seem to fit the way you want or look how they looked in the picture! When people are still surprised when you tell them you’re having a baby or when they ask just how many babies 🙄 I’m here to promise you you’re not the only one. There’s so many of us worried that our pregnant bellies aren’t like the others! During this pregnancy I have struggled to find anyone who has had a belly shaped like mine! When I know there are thousands of women out there who had bellies just like me! It makes me sad how many of us would rather hide our skin rather then show it off! (For quite some time this was including myself!) This beautiful time in our lives and this body growing a little tiny miracle! Im just so sad it took me so long to realise just how beautiful it is. Im here to ask you mumma to show off that damn gorgeous belly! Show off that gorgeous bump no matter what shape! If not for me but for your future little human! Imagine the little tiny change you can make for their future and imagine what they can learn from their mumma who is loving her damn self and confident as f&*k! Body confidence is still such a huge issue and during a pregnancy we should be loving our bodies, giving it all the positivity and glowing from the outside in straight to that little baby! Let’s make these gorgeous bodies seen by all! Let’s bring them out from hiding! You are beautiful Mumma! 👏🏻😍💖 #plusmommy #plussizepregnancy #plussizeandpregnant #fatandpregnant #plussizepregnant #plussizemom #effyourbeautystandards #plussizemom

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Watch the video below with over 200 stunning bumps! 



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